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  1. Dungeon loot P2W

    why would they keep bidding? IF NO ONE NEEDS IT? did you not read what I responded to? Or did you just respond for the sake of responding? I'm in a group with some friends NONE of need the item. now we are stumped what ever shall we do. OH YES! lets start a bid war on something we dont want! yay!
  2. Killing the game before release?

    lol you guys keep responding but you don't understand what the OP and what several others have stated. WHAT WE HAD IN ALPHA AND WHAT WE HAVE IN CBT WILL BE WHAT WE GET RELEASE. There will be nothing else until they decide to release more. So yes it is very boring. PVPing is fun wooo yay. HOWEVER its gets dry As hell after a while. Its nice to have difference options and right now its slim to none. Yes I said right now and yes I understand right now is during a CBT. Yet you fail to realize what we currently have is what we are getting on the next 5 CBTs and release.
  3. [Discussion] In-game currency.

    wut? I havent used one potion outside of dungeon runs where I get trigger happy and pull aggro :|. I still have like 60 potions and about 40+ dumplings just from questing to 40. Anyways how to make gold in this game idk im horrible at it. I just used my Ncoin to buy it off the exchange lol.
  4. Dungeon loot P2W

    I'm guilty of this too, sometimes depending on my mood I let the timer go down to 0 then bid 1 copper :( punish me senpai
  5. Dungeon loot P2W

    If none of you need it why exactly do you care who gets it? Bid 1 copper and move on.
  6. Dungeon loot P2W

    IF someone runs the dungeon they should have every right to BID on an item regardless of what it is. I could understand if it was a random roll system and they rolled but if they bid and pay for it oh well. Who are you to tell someone they dont NEED something.
  7. Honestly what would you like NCSOFT to do about your graphic card problem? lol. Make sure you resolution is accurate. I was having stuttering issues with my GPU because i was on the wrong resolution try ALT + ENTER at the same exact time.
  8. ahh :| during this past week I've been making some improvements on my FM and I would love to be able to see how they actually look in game running about rather than on the TW character creator and in tutorial island -_- It's not something that is truly important I just would like to be able to view my character before using it on final release so I dont have to waste a voucher :c Selfish i know.
  9. Wtf is this pvp lol

    This thread is so cute. It reminds me of mind during alpha lol. Ctrl F haha
  10. open another dam sever

    I have a master pack, the longest I waited in que for 5 minutes on MUSHIN server. However, My friend did not have alpha access nor does he have premium so the que for him would be longer. We ended up just rolling on one of the newer QUELESS servers like most people who did not want to wait rather than complaining about the que.
  11. Enjoying the Queue

    Mushin isn't the only server, The other 2 have no que at all. So kind of your own fault.
  12. Graphics Lag - Nvidia

    I was having lag this morning.. with my GPU and intel gpu on my laptop. pressing alt + enter at the same exact time forced it into its native full screen which stopped all graphic lag. HOWEVER, it wasnt scalled to my monitor so I changed my resolution and now everything is fine O_O
  13. Can we delete this? I fixed the issue :c
  14. Priority Que Question

    So, When logging into the game it says Silver Member que and Gold Member Que and normal member Que How does one go from Silver to Gold? is it attached to the premium level?
  15. Error 5300 -_-

    Yes, I know this is not general discussion but was wondering if anyone encountered this error and what they did to fix it? Support won't respond before CBT starts and I am trying to purchase a founders pack :c
  16. giving away 3 free master founder packs

    Can I have 2.5 of them?
  17. What's your hobby? Forums is great place to be I get to meet 'assholes' like you who gets off trying to make everyone feel smaller than they are because they feel small. It also helps me learn languages. BTW you are on the same level as me. My mom always says this. If they are stupid what are you for entertaining them ;). Move down to the Game difficulty thread :)
  18. I have nothing against anyone agreeing with you. I EVEN AGREED WITH YOU lol. I'm just going off by his/her previous posts, the desperate cry for you to notice him when no one even responded to him once. Reminded me of Gretchen Weiners so desperately trying to get Regina Georges attention all throughout mean girls. Also @boudicca you do not need to apologise what you said has already been said. This is an online forum I do not take to heart what anyone says on it not even you Kounat. This is entertaining to me its 1am. what else do I have to do if you guys are not here?
  19. 30 minutes into Alpha Test 1 Crimson was locked out and every one had to pick Cerulean. Does the lock scale with the amount of characters on the server ?
  20. I understood what he meant, Why are you brown nosing so bad? lol. People complaining about it is getting old just as people having to see it is. They go hand in hand with each other.
  21. I said... "is it a game breaker, def not".meaning its not a game breaker. I could careless about what font or color you choose to use, you said it was getting old so i suggested you change it. People have asked you to change it randomly, politely without even arguing with you and you still give them some rude response. It's like you are always on the defense, for what? You ok :)? Its funny how you are calling me illiterate or suggesting that I read if i want to stay in the conversation. When you clearly aren't capable of doing it either. I'm not illiterate clearly you can see that. Is English my native language no and I still feel I am more than capable of speaking with you. Spacing is visually distasteful and overall unnecessary? But your color choice on these forums isn't? You are right it is an unneeded addition to the game, I'd much rather them add something more useful to the game. But if they DID add this to it, Would it really bother you that much?
  22. I just said I edited my post to ADD something, not remove something. I saw that how I read what you wrote was incorrect why should I need to edit my post if I told you I read it wrong? Yeah the green text thing is getting old so how about you change it, you know what you are doing. You're just being a little *cupcake* tbh lol, people have asked you to change it before and all you say is report or block me lol.. srsly? So you are saying allowing someone to have 2 spaces in their guild name is a game breaker? Or am I reading that wrong. Spaces for character names are unnecessary but for Guild names I don't see an issue with it. Wow what a dumb word to filter o_o
  23. He clearly had interest in the topic or he wouldn't have brought it up, you just happen to shoot him down lol. But what can you expect on an online forum with many strong personalities. I see where you said you were being a wise ass but honestly, I did not care to edit my post to fix it just to add something to the end of it. I read with my browser at 80% zoom and your green font definitely doesn't help I just try to skim through what you type so I can quickly scroll away from it. I still don't see how this idea is as bad as you think it to be. Is it a game breaker, def not but will it hurt if it was implemented?
  24. No I clearly understand your opinion on this topic, I just don't care about it because it is not relevant to why i responded to you. This is about you not being able to comprehend the reasoning behind his response. Instead you pass it off as him being a wise ass or you rather. I get your point behind why YOU do not like it, the We Fail and We Fail argument is valid. But some of the other things are kinda o_o
  25. He was not being a wise ass. He was asking a legitimate question and giving you an example of a situation where having 2 spaces would be ideal, you are just too dense to realize that.