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  1. I want a REFUND on my Founders Pack

    all you had to do was ask them to unflug your account so you can make a purchase lol. I guess this is where I say I'd hate to see you go... only I dont really hate it. Take care tho :) oh yeah just submit another ticket and ask for a refund. Goodluck
  2. Failed to conect server?

    Keep trying, eventually you'll get in
  3. Gun Master

    We will get this class 1 month after release.
  4. [Fat Art] Beep Boop

    lol your pictures make me smile :D especially the backgrounds lol
  5. Serious Forum Issue

    It's moving for me ;)
  6. Character Wipes

    No there will only be one wipe and they will be when the 3 day headstart begins
  7. CBT-2 beta codes

    Yes, as you are not a founder you MUST get another CBT code. Premium means nothing.
  8. CBT-2 beta codes

    another give away
  9. CBT-2 beta codes

    If you had a code for CBT1 you will need one for CBT2 They will be emailing codes again this week, as well as reddit giveaway and the dojo giveaway that hasnt been anounced yet :) This is the only giveaway that is open atm. They are giving 6000 keys :)
  10. Forcemaster or Blade Master??

    Also your character wasn't wiped if its still in the same account.
  11. 600 USD to get to max hongmoon rank

    Makes me not want to gift people stuff, especially if it cost 20usd -_- It should be whoever is spending the Ncoin should get rank regardless.... Buying Selling it in the exchange etc etc. Cause At the end of the day you still purchased it with RL cash
  12. Serious Forum Issue

    You can ;)
  13. 600 USD to get to max hongmoon rank

    Also when you gift items, it doesn't count towards your premium rank either. During CBT I purchased an extra 100 usd worth of Ncoin on top of master pack. I gifted my friend several things, not once did my rank increase Until i purchased stuff for myself -_- So now i'm unsure if buying the actually Ncoin increases your rank or using it on urself.
  14. Serious Forum Issue

    too many dislikes = ban. Could be worth looking into tbh.
  15. Forcemaster or Blade Master??

    why was your response necessary? Do you lack self-confidence, and need to belittle him in order to get confidence in yourself? Anyways OP try both. its fairly easy to get 45. So testing them out shouldn't be a problem.
  16. Serious Forum Issue

    Wish we had those buttons for this thread.
  17. (Request) More skin colors

    mmm hard as rocks ;). i dont want to see more color tones tbh. This isn't aion.
  18. The "Real" Truth behind PvP Outfits.

    This is awesome lol This is how I feel when I do dungeons with the opposite faction lol
  19. mods for b&s?

    sucks would love the option to remove the ears, tail is fine :)
  20. The "Blade and Soul Fanart" Thread

    lol I love the first one I'm assuming the Lyn wants to pop her breasts because they are huge, Beautiful :) when you tweak them please draw them up again :D
  21. PvP Discussion

    The game does not look at your level while match making they only look at your rank. nothing you wear in arena matters you can do arena naked and still win. i dont think you get more rating when your level 45 lol but i could be wrong. you do however have more skill points which may make winning easier for you.
  22. Which Founder's Pack?

    Master pack is only one truly worth anything IMHO
  23. Voice Actors

    You're no match for meeeee! Take this! Blocked! Countered!