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  1. need some advise

    can get 45 in 3 days with no rush :) dont need to take off a week :c but 1 week will be nice get 45 then start gearing up :)
  2. Free Beta Key

    Thanks, Claimed 22-86 :)
  3. Blocking IP Address from RUSSIA?

    They wont block russian IP addresses HOWEVER, if Russia asks them to then they will have to. I'm talking about the legit RU server that may get released and not the private server.
  4. You should have used the search function as well. We have more threads about using the search function. :)
  5. Imperial Tournaments Megathread

    just work on your commentating :| and everything will be A1.
  6. Does B&S Work With Windows 10?

    yeah i have the 250 simply because i have my OS on it and 1 or 2 games that i play constantly. if you are only putting your system on it and nothing else 120gb is fine :)
  7. Does B&S Work With Windows 10?

    120GB eek updrade that to 250GB atleast its only 60-70 USD for the 850 EVO 130usd for 500GB 850 EVO :|
  8. Does B&S Work With Windows 10?

    Yes this would be the better option, if your hdd was big enough. I downgraded to windows 7 but i kept windows 10 on my hdd just because i like the looks of it.
  9. Maybe at launch? Skill update.

    When did they say this? Could have sworn they said the build we have now is the build we will get at launch. (:
  10. Does B&S Work With Windows 10?

    I finally downgraded from windows 10 now I'm using windows 7 ultimate. I have a gtx 780 and an OCd 4670k 4.3GHz. I was getting about 30-60 fps max open world IF i was lucky. Most of the time I was getting less. I just took these 2 screenshots :) after the downgrade. 120 and 83 fps while in Emerald Village. I'm happy :)
  11. Channel Switching Suggestion

    reduce it to 0.... no thanks but reducing it from the 10 days it currently is, please. I hate waiting 3-5 mins to switch channels when i switch to one that is full after leaving another full one -_- or at least make mob respawn time faster :)
  12. Tomb of the Exiles random kicks

    Then they shouldn't let you go into a dungeon based on what weapon yo uhave :) cause there are weapon requirements and it wont even let you que if you dont meet it. I was lvl 28 and i did tomb of exiles just fine :) I only died once on the last boss because we didnt stop his AOE attack :) but I held my own, dodging, kiting and attacking. I got aggro alot of times :|
  13. Jaesung PvP Event - Discussion

    It was pathetic, should have just let him play his FM instead of handicapping him. YES I understand he has plat on all the other classes as well but his main class is FM. Everyone else got to play with their main class so why not him :). Anyways it was kind of hard to watch, almost like they brought him here for the sole purpose of embarrassing him on a NA live stream lol. not only that, Omeed using REKT as a key word for a masterpack after he got shat on? Really? disrespectful as hell. But hey I believe he got paid for it so who cares :). Endah and Jaesungs match was the most intense out of all. GJ to both of them on that one.
  14. Waste of Time

    Get better pc
  15. Please

    The other servers have bots tho... So im confused, what counter measures they are using Sadi?
  16. Tag Match (3v3) at Launch

    99 silver = rich? o_o
  17. Hopefully, Id prefer that over playing 21 questions :P. But I do understand why they ask so many questions during the beta.
  18. Make the surverys account bound ;) then you get no rewards problem solved. But I agree... Its a bit annoying to answer them over and over. sometimes I just put YES in the feedback. Once per account is fine... But still offer the rewards?
  19. LBD or Summoner

    So you chose the 2 easiest classes lol. if your going to do PVE and PVP go with summoner luls.
  20. Did I read this wrong.?

    Na a BDO dev confirmed that this was indeed a mistake and it shouldn't have been published like this as it was an unfinished draft. you should have read the BDO forums it was crazy, they quickly deleted EVERYTHING that mentioned there mistake lool
  21. Did I read this wrong.?

    please, we are all so confused :)
  22. 600 USD to get to max hongmoon rank

    They just need to fix the gifting option GIFTING Ncoin that I purchased should go towards my premium points as well. Same thing with selling MY Ncoin on the gold exchange >_>. Your premium should increase just for buying the Ncoin off the site period.
  23. Did I read this wrong.?

    Nope, nothing to see here. Move along
  24. Since i made this I've made some slight improvements, Lowered the body shine a bit. Moved the eyes a bit closer together. and messed with some other settings you probably wont notice :)