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  1. Jiwan Customized

    I don't see why you are all jumping down his/her throat it really isn't that serious. But like others have said modding is against TOS. So do so at your own risk, not like anyone will know unless you go running around the official forums telling everyone.... OH WAIT....
  2. Doesn't it feel too easy?

    I see a lot of posts about this game being so easy. If that is the case why every time I pug the blue 45 dungeons you plebs can barely do it.
  3. Fastest way to level up from lvl 43 to 45?

    Just do your quests. 43-45 should not take you long 2 hours. if even that.
  4. Weddings and Houses

    My Lyn would love to go on honey moon with 10foot gon :)
  5. Facts that will drive away alot Players

    Your facts are wrong. you are just spewing shit out of your mouth at this point lol.
  6. Facts that will drive away alot Players

    Why do you keep saying for F2P players? Premium players still only get 10-15 auction sales per day. Premium and F2P members both get money from mobs. Everything F2P players get premium players get. everything else you wrote is just..... lol. Blade and soul has been out nearly 3 years... it is rank 10 currently for Top mmos if this was going to drive players away they would have been long gone :)
  7. Autorun + Sprint

    get new fingers
  8. Animation Cancel.

    FM can ani cancel with LB RB LB RB. same with summoner F LB RB
  9. Any alternate for WTFast ?

    Honeslty, WTFast stops working too much for me. I would not pay for that even if it is cheap. Hopefully when they are no longer free they work on performance issues/disconects :|
  10. I'm agreeing because although the VIP star and wind walk animation do not bother me having other people turn it off does not affect me in anyway. So if people would like to turn it off or remove it go for it. :)
  11. Oceanic server?

    no, stop asking.
  12. if you are doing faction quest and you die... don't you respawn at your faction area which is usually high in the air somewhere... how are you dying up there?
  13. he showed you the basic combo it is up to you to practice it on those pigs so that you can apply it to pvp. If you cannot apply this to PVP that is your issue. anyways great video on pvp combo very informative :) also gj tanking the dragon :O I'd just try to keep him in one spot, sometimes you had him change directions :P which could kill a lot of people ^_^
  14. Any alternate for WTFast ?

    I don't know any free ping boosters BUT I use Pingzapper for the NA client it cost 3usd for 60 days :|

    Whoever told you that Tomb of Exiles is one of the better dungeons has not played BNS outside of the betas.
  16. No gear, No armor?!

    not sure if srs
  17. The game does not start

    dunno, you've been a bad bad boy and NCsoft knows this :)
  18. The game does not start

    maybe you got banned in game sorry mate
  19. Hello again NCSoft Launcher...

    Hello, it's me, I was wondering If after all these years you'd like to meet to go over everything
  20. you can redeem them now... and then you can redeem them again in official launch. So yes it gets deleted but you get it right back for official :)
  21. Not sure how this would be confusing. When you wear PVP costume you turn red for the other faction SOOO if I see someone in a pink bear costume that has a red name I'm probably going to kill him not run past him smiling :).
  22. stuck at loading screen

    OR OR OR ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR maybe just maybe people can pay attention :) Time says 10:00am PST. if your time zone is not PST... well it should be self explanatory If something says it opens at 1pm EST I'm not going to think that means 1pm PST and log in 3 hours late :)