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  1. Mysterious Crystals

    Hello @Noodle I agree 100% I am poor player not much money for reset to run dungeon for crystal. I have some crystal very few not enough to make even half a gem :(. So now it just taking space in my inventory with a small hope that one day I can combine 3 gems that I don't even have. I wish that I could sell these to players so I can purchase other item to upgrade my character. For the people who can more easily obtain these items I do not see a problem with having event for more drop rate or something.
  2. People like you are the reason this feature was removed. NOT the people posting inappropriate pictures :)
  3. IDC about AP requirement unless you are rocking Tomb Of Exiles crap. When I recruit for any dungeon i put random number 450+ AP for example just to get people in. Sometimes people with low AP join and ask if its okay if they stay and i tell them IDC just press Ready.
  4. New Update on April 27th!

    6v6 is like capture the flag only pvping will NOT win you the game unless you beat your opponent into submission like in Tera Fraywind canyon. You must capture points even if you do not pvp if you are organized you can come out on top. But most people in 6v6 will be premades that are top tier in pvp and with decent gear ^_^ I'm excited about this tbh. wear your lvl 45 moonwater bopae
  5. Top Dps class?

    Forcemaster hands down no questions asked. Top Tier DPS. Boss can move wherever it wants and FM will continue to dps without any problems. I am a summoner and often times question my decision :(
  6. EU Maintenance times...

    Hello Vexthal! Thank you for your feedback. We would love to accommodate both NA and EU with maintenance times however at this very moment that is not feasible. We will forward your concern to the head development team! Thank you
  7. He may be full of poop in regards to the time required to complete said dailies BUT if you only have 2 hours of time to play per day you really shouldnt be complaining about not being able to upgrade your gears :/

    yeah it shot up and will continue to shoot up once people actually realize what it is for :)
  9. with the new patch coming later tonight/tomorrow morning POH/BSH/LAB 4man will disapear does this mean that the Lab 10 kill achievement for 3AP will disapear and we can never get it meaning we will always have 3AP lower than everyone else who had it :)? Or will be still be able to get this after the patch? Please don't mention Yeti as IDC about it unless the Yeti AP achievement cancels out the Lab one.
  10. baby :-* Anyways whats this game rated? -nevermind rated 15+ for esports. Rip.
  11. Time to go

    write 5 page essay on why he's leaving... doesn't actually leaves... stays and argues with people on forum.
  12. cat tank nerfed

    When a KFM or BM ask me to tank. I tell them no :)
  13. cat tank nerfed

    I HOPE there are no assassin's in here talking crap while they can stay stealth-ed the whole time :)
  14. cat tank nerfed

    As a Summoner this changed kind of shocked me while I was fighting the dude on floor 7 of mushin. I was like oh wtf...? I just had to find a new way to handle the situation its not hard. Simple really. I never used Cat taunt not even when I solo brightstone. I used it on POH and floor 7 however. Summoner has A LOT of heals. Simply press Petal Storm > doom and bloom and dps inside of it if you need to heal. both of those skills will heal you. we also have SS, 4, X and 3 to avoid attacks. But since they CLEARLY changed the taunt duration they either need to change the tooltip to reflect that or change it back to the 8 second taught.
  15. Status Quo for OW PVP?

    So you want opposing faction to sit there and watch you kill the dragon? Makes sense. Or are you just upset because you wasted an hour and got nothing for your time?
  16. Daily Dash/ maintenance taking time.

    Ew, EU can keep their outfit TBH. Hopefully it is NOT the EU costume on the NA daily dash tomorrow :(
  17. Cross-Server Dungeon and Idiots

    If you bid 5g on moonwater tears and you are with your friend + randoms. Everyone passes your friend doesnt pass you leave dungeon.. Now everyone gets to rebid EXCEPT those that passed which gives your friend the change to pick it up for 1 copper.
  18. Dreadtide Critical Soul Shield

    I think you need this for achievement? and that is the only reason I can think of you wanting it. If you not geting it for achievement move on..
  19. really need to rush that pve only gear

    Wait what bopae is hiden behind a big ass cricket raid boss? lol. also you can get 20k + hp with moonwater bopae with the stones in hogshead :)
  20. best way to make gold

    Then I guess you don't want to make money.
  21. Guys, Would you be willing to pay for different loading screen pictures :)? I mean I would..... Depending on price. They should add this to market place for like 1300 ncoin. Worth.
  22. Gearing priority past true profane

    Could have sworn my post said to make sure you do it BEFORE the 50 patch not today not tomorrow just before. So any time before would be fine. If you have the extra money.... upgrade, why wait until a day before the 50 patch to fully upgrade 6 times from true profane???? Not like there is a lot of shit to spend your money on anyways. Also true siren gives 70% chi not 40.
  23. Gearing priority past true profane

    lol @ this whole post.... EDIT: Like others have said, make sure you upgrade to true pirate before 50 patch or you will be spending more money, I'm assuming we will be going down the same path as TW because on there live stream they displayed oathbreaker weapon :c. So please (: True pirate before 50 patch.
  24. You didnt get any free moon water stone lol. Doesn't matter when you started, only time you got free one was during alpha/beta.
  25. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    Wait... wut? Post count doesn't mean anything? why the heck am I posting then :( wut is lyfe