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  1. Hello @Noodle I agree 100% I am poor player not much money for reset to run dungeon for crystal. I have some crystal very few not enough to make even half a gem :(. So now it just taking space in my inventory with a small hope that one day I can combine 3 gems that I don't even have. I wish that I could sell these to players so I can purchase other item to upgrade my character. For the people who can more easily obtain these items I do not see a problem with having event for more drop rate or something.
  2. People like you are the reason this feature was removed. NOT the people posting inappropriate pictures :)
  3. IDC about AP requirement unless you are rocking Tomb Of Exiles crap. When I recruit for any dungeon i put random number 450+ AP for example just to get people in. Sometimes people with low AP join and ask if its okay if they stay and i tell them IDC just press Ready.
  4. He may be full of poop in regards to the time required to complete said dailies BUT if you only have 2 hours of time to play per day you really shouldnt be complaining about not being able to upgrade your gears :/
  5. baby :-* Anyways whats this game rated? -nevermind rated 15+ for esports. Rip.
  6. Got it first run, But I agree the long chat is ridiculous. -_- Should be able to turn it off.
  7. Wrong.... You get ranks by purchasing/using Ncoin... I was rank 4 as I claimed my pack during Alpha... and then I started spending Ncoin and each time I spent Ncoin my EXP for the next rank kept going up. I'm currently rank 5 almost 6
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