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  1. WOW seriously? Do you mind showing your source pretty please? Maybe a screenshot of the conversation with support? (make sure u censor names else i think admin will remove it)
  2. You need to upgrade it only once. Mine is now baleful stage 3 and it no longer says any time limit. So i think the timer is ONLY for the first upgrade. I honestly didnt even notice a timer so i dont know, but i know for sure now its no longer there. http://imgur.com/a/ObtnT
  3. Hey! Congratz! Whats your lvl in game and for how long u didnt play? Trying to figure out what the exact triggers are for the pack. See you in game <3
  4. Here is all the info i have on how i got the pack, don't mind the title pls click baits are a huge thing on youtube atm, and well, IT WAS free *trollface*
  5. Hello! i just started playin the game again yesterday. While buying premium i noticed i have a ,,code" to apply in my account, i went and seen it was a ,,returning hero pack" in my bns tab. I applied it and it turned out to include, between a lot more useful things, a stage 1 baleful weapon. I upgrade it to lvl 3 and even got all 6 sockets on it... What im trying to say is, they r making it easy for players to come back to the game, so make sure u check if u got that pack. I am not sure how i triggered it and why i had it, but i didn't log in for 6months and had the biggest pack
  6. Red is death because Blue kills you! Sneaky fight over the Ak bul boss (cerulean version of Kang Gwi) These huge bosses, Ak bul for blues and Kang Gwi for reds, can gather massive amounts of prestige the more time they live, so of course both factions will be trying to kill their enemies boss in order to get the prestige, but on Windrest EU, as a server with a healthy population, the competition makes things a lot more fun! and dangerous... Thanks Kawaii Killers and the other participants for the fun, both the enemies and the allies ^.^/ . Thanks for the fun followin
  7. So.. i got very salty while gearing my warlock, in my almighty saltiness i sent this ticket to bns, this is the message and reply: Leggo Mar 31, 18:02 So i played a summoner since first beta test. I recently decided to permanently switch to my alt, warlock. I encountered so many small problems, so much useless farm, so many small things that u have to fight thru in a game in which U ALREADY DONE THAT PLENTY ON A MAIN. Why can't items like moonwater refining st
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