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  1. WOW seriously? Do you mind showing your source pretty please? Maybe a screenshot of the conversation with support? (make sure u censor names else i think admin will remove it)
  2. You need to upgrade it only once. Mine is now baleful stage 3 and it no longer says any time limit. So i think the timer is ONLY for the first upgrade. I honestly didnt even notice a timer so i dont know, but i know for sure now its no longer there. http://imgur.com/a/ObtnT
  3. Hey! Congratz! Whats your lvl in game and for how long u didnt play? Trying to figure out what the exact triggers are for the pack. See you in game <3
  4. Here is all the info i have on how i got the pack, don't mind the title pls click baits are a huge thing on youtube atm, and well, IT WAS free *trollface*
  5. Worth coming back ?

    Hello! i just started playin the game again yesterday. While buying premium i noticed i have a ,,code" to apply in my account, i went and seen it was a ,,returning hero pack" in my bns tab. I applied it and it turned out to include, between a lot more useful things, a stage 1 baleful weapon. I upgrade it to lvl 3 and even got all 6 sockets on it... What im trying to say is, they r making it easy for players to come back to the game, so make sure u check if u got that pack. I am not sure how i triggered it and why i had it, but i didn't log in for 6months and had the biggest pack on bns release.,, Please comment if u got it too or not, trying to figure out why some ppl didnt get it, maybe they just kept logging in?
  6. you can't change class, only gender/race
  7. Red is death because Blue kills you! Sneaky fight over the Ak bul boss (cerulean version of Kang Gwi) These huge bosses, Ak bul for blues and Kang Gwi for reds, can gather massive amounts of prestige the more time they live, so of course both factions will be trying to kill their enemies boss in order to get the prestige, but on Windrest EU, as a server with a healthy population, the competition makes things a lot more fun! and dangerous... Thanks Kawaii Killers and the other participants for the fun, both the enemies and the allies ^.^/ . Thanks for the fun following us killing your boss too. Keep it coming!
  8. I totally agree with their decision, its very unbalanced at the moment and on top of that the poor arena servers and lack of support for a spectator client makes it very hard to get and keep the attention of viewers and participants. ncsoft needs to do something about it.
  9. If you are kicked u still have the outfit but can't wear it. Thats why its not supposed to be leader pays for outfit and members pay to get it (since u pay for the basic one anyway and leader can switch the template every 8hours) , its supposed to be a shared effort between guild members.
  10. Venture Tokens

    Huh? you got 1-2 a day? I been doing 40 dailies a day on main and 10 dailies a day on alt (both lvl 50 ofc) and i only got 5 venture tokens in total since release. U were either veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lucky, or u exaggerate, the drop rate was always shit =/
  11. Newbies struggle to get their pirate/siren accessories to upgrade, and they don't get any chance to catch up because of patches being pushed so fast. NCsoft doesn't care about getting new players unless they are pay2winners that can just gear and catch up with the wallet. I don't mind patches being pushed like this, BUT i know lots of people that do, and i do not want this game to become a closed circle, i want newbies to keep joining this game and feel encouraged to do so, not get scared by the amount of useless farm they have to do with all the old upgrades... NCsoft you are doing it wrong. Please consider making gearing up easier for newbies at least for the lvl 45 upgrades.
  12. These lvl 50 people... X.x

    Isn't it commune knowledge to look for a guide or watch a video of the dungeon before imposing on 5 random players to teach you? Takes less than 10 mins and would save u this kind of encounters. Is not that lvl 50s hate newbies, lvl 50s hate noobs. There is a difference, newbies wanna learn and do their best to do so, noobs swim in their pool of mud and cry *elitists* while waiting for u to carry them.
  13. So.. i got very salty while gearing my warlock, in my almighty saltiness i sent this ticket to bns, this is the message and reply: Leggo Mar 31, 18:02 So i played a summoner since first beta test. I recently decided to permanently switch to my alt, warlock. I encountered so many small problems, so much useless farm, so many small things that u have to fight thru in a game in which U ALREADY DONE THAT PLENTY ON A MAIN. Why can't items like moonwater refining stones, siren emblems, pirate emblems be sent thru mail? why aren't at least some of the achievements account bound? Why can't i even speed it thru by buying everything i need from cash shop? Why is it limited to 1 purchase a day? Isn't it enough that i had to lvl a new character, spend lots of money gearing her up, and willing to learn a new class, u guys have to p**p on that option. Why should someone dare to switch mains in our game? NOOO if they do, let them go thru the same stupid useless grinding like they did on their first character, no matter how good they know the game!!!! I can't do anything NOTHING but spend 2 weeks on doing SAME BORING SHIT I ALREADY DID ON MY MAIN, just to amuse u?????? Why don't you take my money? why don't you let me buy everything i need from the cashshop or let us mail all these useless small things to our alts???? I'm so disappointed in this game. This is the first game i found with such a stupid system. Most games appreciate a players knowledge and lets us fast forward on alts. But no, bns just p**ps on u. The drop that spilled the glass was the fact that you now need a stupid achievement to even be able to finish the dragoncall hongmoon quest. A skill book which i bought from the auction house, to fast forward, now tells me that hey, u need this stupid crap from the newest dungeons on ur shitty alt https://gyazo.com/ecf8b9c3693a5dde7431bfb5d84c9680 , which yes u know u didnt need them on ur main, but u know what, we wanted to FK U for wanting to switch! Why doesn't this game encourage people to have multiple characters? why cant we mail stuff? why do u put such small things to fence people from having fun and probably spending more money into ur shop just to be able to lvl their alts? I'm disappointed. And please don't send an automatic reply. If you don't have anything to say just don't reply, just send this to ur dev team. Hopefully it gets changed. Until then, i pity anyone that wants to switch classes, i regret my mistake. Worst experience of my life, thank u for it. GM Certexelle (Blade and Soul) Mar 31, 23:21 Hello there, Thank you for contacting Blade and Soul Support Team. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced a less than stellar gameplay, and the frustration with regards to the overall system of the game. While we at Support will be unable to comment on or answer questions about such aspects of the game like character-bound items or achievements, we have taken note of your feedback and concerns and forwarded it to the proper department for further review. We also highly encourage posting your thoughts and insights on the forums so that other players can participate in the discussion. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/ If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Certexelle NCSOFT Support Team *ps, im not sure if im allowed to post gm names here, so if im not a mod please feel free to cut them out* So yeah, excuse my language in that post and please don't judge it, i was very mad. But it is indeed, very stupid. The way they make u farm outdated content for weeks, until you even have a chance to catch up. If i was a newbie lvling for the first time in this patch, i would've quit shortly after hitting 45. But i'm not, so i'm sorry if i sound cocky when i say that, i don't find it fair how such items are not tradable from mains to alts. A game like this should encourage people to have alts, to have maximum pvp knowledge you will have at some point to play every class in game, so why not give the means for people to achieve that? Also after wondering why i still didn't get any siren or pirate accessories from multiple runs, i found this thread. that explains it. I ended up buying ALL of mine ( still missing some) from the cashshop by getting 10embles/siren everyday (which btw is also maximum u can get daily, wth?). So not only u still need to farm outdated content, but they made it EVEN HARDER than it was before this patch... I fail to see the logic in such a system, and i hope they will reconsider it. Or else all new players will get discouraged by the amount of crappy items u need to grind.... And nobody will create or gear an alt, and please don't say u can make alts just for arena, u know its not true, u need to do pve content to be able to get the hongmoon skills (again, bns logic) .
  14. oh, really? Does the 4th slot open automatically now? What does ,, done upgrading" mean, which stage is that? will look into it. Thanks!
  15. Hello, my real name is Larisa, i been playing different video games for years, but now I'm in love with BnS! My in game name is Leggo, and i play on Windrest EU ^.^ I sometimes make youtube videos for fun. And this month i took the time to gather 10 things people wish they knew about bns, as newbies. We all got a bit burned by not knowing at least ONE of these things, didn't we? no? was it just me.... *blush* Blade and Soul 10 things i wish i knew... Older vids: Blade and soul 10 tricks YOU NEED TO KNOW