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  1. (UPDATE) Looks like this turned out to be true, everyone that hits lvl 55 will see their stats/DPS drop, AP will increase as well. However don't be fooled, ur % matter just as much, if not more.
  2. The patch notes should be coming today/tomorrow, hopefully they'll address this and give us our answers. I wish you all the best of luck, we'll all need it if this actually happens soon.
  3. @amokk Thank you very much for a better image and even more info about the changes, yeaaah doesn't look too bright for us... Unless Ncsoft US/EU decide not to do these changes, which i really hope will be the case. Otherwise...prepare urselves everyone, it's gonna hurt big time.
  4. This is exactly why i went on and made a thread about this, if we legit get this change and we all suffer major reduction in damage overall, we deserve to know early on. Nothing was said about this in their latest livestream... However they did say that they would upscale a lot of the dungeons to 55, which just makes the overall situation more terrifying. I highly doubt NcSoft would straight up cover something like this up, that would be silly. However, A lot of things really don't add up, some infomation and/or context about this would truly be appreciated, because truly..as Rysa said, Thi
  5. Ayy sup fellow meme lords and trash talkers, cringy BnS player here. So apparently this happened to some BnS servers after the lvl 55 patch hit. (UPDATE) Welp, looks like it's a lot worse than simple crit loss, if this is accurate, we'll lose a LOT of stats % overall, which is much worse than simply losing crit... This is their stats %, Before 55, after 55, and how much % we lost all together. (Image provided by Amokk) Not only is it scary to see, it also raises a lot of questions, will we all legit LOSE a lot of damage and have to get it all back again ourselves? Or will our stat
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