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  1. In that case, RNG god likes me. On alt entered Blackram narrows, sword on first run (drop, not from box), entered Tomb of Exile, again sword drop on first run. Entered blightstone dungeon...the *cricket*...sword drop again on first run:)
  2. I really like it on my FM yun, is that costume obtainable somehow here on EU or...?
  3. 50 keys and nothing at all, no gems, no skillbooks...just bunch of elements. I will give one more try with 50 keys at the end of event...rng god doesnt like me there:)
  4. Aren't bosses on SSP evolved ones? So your normal def doesn't count againts them? as FM i have nearly 33% def, but iam not sure if its count there on SSP
  5. Have 512 AP and 52% crit. I run dungs with random with similiar AP and its only because of time we spent here. Nothing more, nothing less. Ppl can sure run it with much lower AP, but they spent more time here. Its not about i dont trust lower AP guys, i simply saving my time.
  6. I really don't think, that silverfrost patch is expensive. I play usually 3 hours per day, more in weekends. And i already have oathbreaker belt and bracelet and weapon will be upgraded soon. Iam missing only about 60 venom darts now. Finished my set of new bopae with decent stats. AP 512, crit 52% so no problem with dmg. My point is, that i play because i enjoy the combat and dungs, not playing for endless grind. When something start to bore me, i usually switch on alt and exp alt. If u make all things during one or two week, there will be topics about "iam done everything in new pa
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