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  1. What do you think about improving the premium rewards? Maybe you can set it up so that premium members can edit Simple Mode themselves with all available class skills and conditions. And that you can move your skills as a premium member into any context slot. So you can put a stop to the cheaters and simplify life for all premium members. A premium membership would be much more attractive.
  2. As there are updates on the production line in Korea, some of my suggestions for rescuing the game in the west are: Emptie the F10 cash shop. ONLY put outfits and fashion and weapon skins at a fixed and fair price and without gambling into the F10 shop. Focus on new outfits and fashion for the F10 Shop if you want to make veracious money. Remove gambling events like Trove or random lootboxes completely from the game. Stop any actions and ninja nerfes that milk the players money. Make all enhancement materials easier to get by only playing the game. One should re
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