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  1. just me or everyone ?

    wow a moment of silence for the two brave warriors. *slowly claps* (i got mine on 2nd roll so....xD)
  2. i cant believe the dev team doesn't want to implement the option to hide it.... even though so many people are asking for it, and i do not think that it takes much to implement it either *pretends to know* x.x
  3. Be careful: weapon skin only for once

    yeah its quite the dummer to buy something and then you cant even revert without losing what u have spent money on :/
  4. How often do you change weapons?

    i used my skin right at the start and have been through the weapon evolution process, the skin stays so dont worry ;)
  5. +1 for my personal taste it is way too flashy i prefer the natural look aswell ;) please dev team! Best regards ~
  6. Using Character Appearance Changes

    BUMP! id like to know aswell~ ;)
  7. Can I remove Wind Walk premium effect?

    Ohhh yes i fully agree! we totally need a way to "hide" that effect... it looks nice on some classes but blademaster is so...uuegh
  8. Missing item in Quest 'Socket to Me'?

    i think i received a pouch a couple levels later from the survey, it includes a gem aswell incase u dont want to spend ncoins
  9. [Alpha US] Getting odd FPS Stutter

    have you tried to check the settings? i had the same issue and noticed how the background fps was indeed limited by default. changed it from 20 to 60 and its fine now ;)
  10. Hard spikes - fps droping

    had the same issue, i solved it by noticing that in the settings the background fps was limited to 20 by default! i changed it to 60 and now it runs smooth like a river!