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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    WHEN YOU SAW YOUR TEST RESULTS GO WRONG, YOU COULD HAVE WARNED US AND DELAYED THE PATCH 24 HOURS. Your mistake, you admitted it was your mistake, and you decided to NOT compensate the people YOU screwed over! Now I had a bunch of oils I was going to make, I can't, because you people lied to me!
  2. Latency/lag issues in CBT4

    Also want to verify its NA also. And another sign: I have a mob targeted, I get in range, skills light up that are in range/ready to use, I hit one of those keys, THE BORDER AROUND THE SKILL KEY LIGHTS UP... and nothing happens. Sometimes the skill happens a few seconds later, sometimes it just doesn't happen at all. Sometimes this happens just for a few seconds, sometimes for an entire arena match. All previous Betas were fine. It just started with CBT 4. Again, this is for NA (Mushin)
  3. anyone else getting lag and fps drops?

    Happening in NA also. :(
  4. NEW Skill Menu System/Changes

    Seriously. More info = good. Less info = dumbed down. Who asked for this dumbed down system?
  5. Cross Server lobby crashing

    ...a lot. Sometimes I find a match, sometimes I get a "disconnected from server" message, then it locks up on me with a black screen then I have to force-close BNS and reload the entire program.
  6. Click the "filters" button and the filters window opens. You can now make changes. HOWEVER, you cannot close the filters window, and you cannot turn your character. You have to re-log to make it go away.
  7. XP Gain is too fast

    Nah, not true. The point of the game isn't leveling, the point is end game, whether that's arena PvP's or dungeons. The leveling path is long enough for people to get acquainted with their character's skills. End game is different from the leveling game anyways. Keep the XP rate as it is.
  8. Respawn rates on gatherables

    I'll second that on the node respawn timing...
  9. I heard that there are 5 Hongmun once you get to level 45 in NA version. But there was some debate how many skill points you get per Hongmun level. So... how many skill points total do level 45 characters get with the 5 Hongmun levels?
  10. A few emote glitches

    Can we get a full list of the /emote commands that are supposed to be in this NA version of B&S? So we don't waste time reporting stuff that isn't supposed to be here in the first place.
  11. Request: Enable copy/paste on login screen

    You are not wrong. Taiwan does allow copy-paste on both account and password fields. We really need this here also.