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  1. Premium from unofficial source?!

    u can buy ncoin cards at certain stores
  2. Wall Dash location?

    it wont pop till u hit 45 and unlock misty woods which is unlocked by main story. u cant just travel there
  3. Vigor system

  4. NCSoft Launcher Error

  5. Have to wear outfit for Soul Shield benefit?

    "nature" outfit huh. uh huh, i get ya. wink wink ;)
  6. They know the servers are down

    i honestly dont think it would make a difference
  7. They know the servers are down

    bump to page 1 cause people are blind and stupid. no offense
  8. YO DEVS- anti-gold seller suggestion

    1st ive heard of this. i know r-click brings up a menu but theres no report option. id try it if the servers were up EDIT- found out from another thread that the report function is lvl locked (i was on a fresh alt when i was trying to report). u have to be lvl 15 to report some1. what kind of bullshit is this?
  9. YO DEVS- anti-gold seller suggestion doesnt even take 5min to get to lvl 5. the point is to make them lvl past the starter tutorial instance and into the game world where they can be reported. honestly the best option would be to allow player report by clicking their name in the chatbox
  10. YO DEVS- anti-gold seller suggestion

    doesnt matter. those u can report. u have to be able to see the char to report them. im talking about the lvl1s on the starting island that u cant see cause its a closed instance and therefore cant report
  11. please lock region chat till lvl 5 or make it that u cant use region chat from the starting island. all they do is make a lvl 1 char then spam region chat. u cant get past like lvl 3 there. make the bastards work to assault my chatbox. atleast then u could see them in bamboo village to use the dumbass report function. why cant we report from the chatbox? u cant even talk in chat. theres like 30 just spamming like crazy. when my char runs the text in the chat moves as fast as i do. insane
  12. When will Warlock be released

    not soon enough
  13. You know what this game needs?

    i know exactly what this game needs. it needs the servers to be online so i can play it :)