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  1. One Time Password Problems

    Probably not active until name res.
  2. Which NA server to role-play on?

    We'll be on Jiwan, come join us it'll be fun....also bring any noen rpers who like pve along as i'm sure they'll enjoy a server with less pressure to pvp everywhere....not that there wont be any pvp, just ya know less emphasis on it.
  3. Pretty sure the extra slots from packs are for character creations above the 2 they give everyone thats why master pack holders will end up with around 5-7 slots total once added, cant see them not giving everyone a couple of slots minimum at launch, also it'd be pretty dumb to expect folks to use a character creation slot to name reserve then turn around and give you slots free at launch.
  4. 1 time OTP Authentication key

    Looks exactly like the authentication key japan uses so at a guess they'll email us a code key like the one japan has at some stage.
  5. Isnt this a bit to late?

    MOBA's arent the same as mmorpg's so comparing them is kinda silly, the only factor to consider for if bns needs oceanic servers is gonna be the percentage of aussy and oceanic players who ask for one for the sake of arena pvp competitions once bns outside asia becomes a viable esport....any petitions and such asking for the server should include the epsort part as the major reason.
  6. Eu player here, personally i don't care what the servers are going be called, sure they probably could have come up with something better than naming them after towns and such but i got over that and am now focusing on the wait till name res and headstart!
  7. Lyn = Transgenre ?

    If any race could be said to be whatever you were claiming in the title it'd be yun since they only have a female gender option.
  8. Launch time ...really?

    Pretty sure every mmorpg i've ever played launched at 12:01am est (even games like ff11 that were based out of japan did it) so yeah not sure what your issue with the time is.
  9. Potential Gunner/Archer Class Incoming

    looking at historical styles and wuxia films and such there's a fair few potential weapon types to make a class from that haven't been in the game so far at all but may be popular with asian players, war fan is one that springs to mind. I do however think it'll be some sort of ranged archer type class or dart thrower as it'd fit the gap missing for those who like ranged combat in games but aren't big fans of magic classes.
  10. black desert online < Blade and soul ? Opinions?

    BDO will be a damn good game....in about a year or two once they add the stuff they keep talking about that isnt even out in korea yet.
  11. Is this game just PvP or is it both.

    Unlike other similar mmorpg's on the market these days the pvp in bns isnt forced down your throat via open world pvp and such so it's easy to avoid if you have zero interest like me (though i kinda wish they would unhook clans from pvp requirements to rank them up but thats a gripe for another thread).
  12. Weapons that would be just great for BnS...

    We may get some of these as skins for existing weapons, i could see naginata being a destroyer skin for instance.
  13. Ambient chatter in towns and villages makes the world seem living and helps with immersion(guild wars 2 does this perfectly), games where they skip ambient chatter tend to seem lifeless and fake which makes folks not care about the world(archeage suffers from this badly), even if other versions of the game dont do ambient chatter and such ncwest should consider adding it if to place like yehara's bar anyway.
  14. i suspect the esport side of the game is a longterm goal for ncwest not something they intend to get into within the first year of release so anyone expecting that side of things is deluded anyway.
  15. If not invisible then hand wraps for KFM and some sort of smaller more inconspicuous bangle for FM would be as good imo.