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  1. [duplicate] emotes missing animation

    Well i tried to look through the forum before posting, but could not find any search function in here ( saw this ),so apparently i missed that topic.
  2. Request: Enable copy/paste on login screen

    Someone will correct me if i am wrong, but if i remember correctly the Taiwan client had password manager copy-paste support on the login screen. The issue is probably with nProtect gamemon. Any kind of pasting is disabled for me even in game chat. This is probably to remove some botters whou would send keystrokes to the client.
  3. Opening a batch of 9 bopae boxes at once (a total of 27 pieces) from wheel reward, i get the overflowing inventory warning for the last box (3 items), when i have 6 empty spaces left in the inventory at that time. Tried again with 2 boxes of 3 bopae with 7 empty inventory spaces The warning also pops up on salvaging a bopae piece with 2 (and 3) empty inventory spaces left when i already have "broken pieces" and "fusion powders" in the inventory, so the newly salvaged item will not take any empty inventory space after the process finishes. Not sure if its a bug or it is just a pre-emptive warning to clean up more space.
  4. Some of the emotes are missing animation (on Lyn blade dancer). I just see a speech bubble with the slash command in it. /applaud /grr /afraid /sob has speech bubble, but the animation works