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  1. It's on a seperate drive f:\games\bns
  2. I gotta say this game is garbage. I've formatted my PC and the problem went away for a bit and now it's back, it's on and off some days works fine and others I just can't get the game to run the 64 client above 10fps. Even when I load the game I know when it's going to run slow cause even loading it takes much longer so it's not video driver related. The 32 bit client runs fine but it crashes alot! I've tried every fix I can find on the forums and youtube and nothing works, until it just decides to work suddenly after a few days at 60fps. Seriously.. So many of the bugs that plagued this game from day 1 are still here it's super annoying I want to throw this game in the bin and spit on it.
  3. I don't have any problem getting loot because I have good gear and my PC is somewhat decent but it still freezes and the fps is terrible when the boss comes out. I am posting because my clannies are experiencing the client crashing who are stuck on 32 bit. I feel sad that they did not limit it to 12 player instead of maxing HP and having 24 (or could be more?). It is the worst performing dungeons so I'm sad they decided to resurrect this for the event.
  4. FPS issues.

    I have this same problem, windows 10, this game is just badly designed and it really annoying!
  5. Gliding or sprinting suddenly stopping

    This is known as the rubberbanding issue to my knowledge, the game was originally designed with <50ms in mind, they need to fix it, I also have this annoyance.
  6. Weapon rests during combat

    I seem to have an issue with my weapon trying to rest (going out of battle mode) every couple of minutes during battle with bosses when solo inside dungeons. I have been soloing The Pigtsy and everytime I do it happens during both boss fights. Happens in both stances, randomly. This has also happened in the Spider dungeon so it doesn't seem to be related to Pigtsy. Anyone else had this issue? Blademaster - Yehara
  7. I thought it was just me, just recently I am also having some bad performance, going from smooth to jumpy, to almost halting, it is very annoying and is ruining my experience. I am really disappointed with the lack of response from NCSoft, premier company.
  8. Game Client Download Link

    You load the client just like the CBT, if you see the logo and dragons in 3d you're good.
  9. What he means, is that you only see the randomised server list when creating characters. When you're actually just logging in your character afterwards everyday you just choose the character and will not even see any server list. (unlike other mmos where you usually choose the server each time before choosing characters, bns is limited to 7 maximum characters for all servers at once per region).
  10. Weapon evolution

    Use unsealing stalker.
  11. Open Discussion with English Localization

    You can get a refund up until head start.
  12. Try disabling the antivirus during installation, sometimes uninstallers get picked up as malware, it may have then blocked access to that folder. You can also check there is enough disk space left on the drive.
  13. I value your point. The larger issue is the after-scene, where people are bidding your loot and you miss out because you were watching the movie.
  14. This game does not need a lengthy beta in my opinion, it's purely marketing the sales of Founders. Almost all the bugs I see reported exist in all versions of the game, they're unlikely to be fixed but let's await those new change notes to come...
  15. 600 USD to get to max hongmoon rank

    I thought people wanted more difficulty? No premium = HARD MODE