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  1. I've been using a VPN since beta, no bans or warnings or anything whatsoever. I use PIA: I bought a year because they had a Black Friday sale. So it was like $2.50 a month or something. Honestly there has been so many latency issues with BnS on and off my VPN that I don't think anything can fix NCSoft's issue except for them. I haven't played the recent update yet, but I've been getting 70ms at the lowest and have spikes up to 200ms in Arena/Dungeons, doesn't matter if I'm using my VPN or not.
  2. Rumblebees vs Sunflower

    You can get the Super Sunflower for 5000 zen beans...
  3. I was just playing earlier this morning without issues, got one of my two spins in for Daily Dash and was surfing the web and now the game refuses to even open Daily Dash and now my web browser refuses to load anything unless BnS/GameGuard is off. For the love of god disable GameGuard. There are still spammers and bots in-game, it doesn't help. All it does is block a legitimate program I'm trying to use.
  4. Any way to disable screen shake when crit?

    Nope, the screen shakes, I notice it and it's quite annoying.
  5. Neither, it's Blade and Soul.
  6. Daily Dash 02.06 - 04.06

    Please only do a single space for a single item, or at least space them out. I've gotten all three Viridian Stone slots and two Cinderland Stone slots, I'm level 45...literally had to throw them away.
  7. Latency news??

    I've seen this issue before on Global Offensive, specifically UK users having extremely high ping on servers connecting outside of the UK. It appeared the issue was a routing problem in the London POP: I'm just forwarding this information since this could be a problem completely out of any players hands. There's another thread on Global Offensive that seems to have latency issues when specifically going to Berlin: So, please, make sure this isn't an issue on NCSoft's/ISP's side, because with so many people with latency issues there's got to be a bigger problem than a bottleneck occurring, especially when a completely different game is having similar problems.
  8. Would really appreciate a Vault by E. Fleet Supply Chain/Nightshade Harbor, or possibly even located inside E. Fleet. Or even have one located by Blackram/Naryu/Bloodshade. Also can we get certain items like Insignias, Pirate Emblems, Warrior's Token, etc. as currency? Just hoping to get some QoL improvements. Cool if not.
  9. FFS atleast give us a compensation

    You want compensation for a FREE TO PLAY GAME!? FOR WAITING FOR A PATCH?? Get out, just get out.
  10. I noticed my Gameguard isn't activating. So *shrug*
  11. This game went from 100 to 0 Real quick!

    Expensive outfits...uh it's F2P? Duh? I do agree that it should be transferable between characters. So then don't buy the items or outfits? I'm almost at level 45 and I only spent $5 for another character slot. So I don't see how "game's mechanics appear to be based around the hongmoon store". An old system that came directly from the Korean version of BnS. This isn't a money grab, it just shows that NCWest was lazy reviewing and porting the game over to NA. Also BnS is 4 years old as this point, it doesn't matter how "big" or "new" it is in the West. I haven't done crafting at all, so no comment. "Might" charge you what for what? You're making zero sense with this point. Please provide an example. Again with this "cash grab" idea. I just said this before, but I'll say it again, NCWest is LAZY. They poorly ported the game over, this was an oversight on their part and either way, if Warlock was available DAY ONE you'd be here complaining about RNG anyway. Again. DON'T BUY COSMETICS IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. If no one buys it then they'll decrease the price. Obviously people are buying them and you're here whining for the sake of whining. YOU'RE NOT FORCED TO BUY COSMETICS, GET OVER IT. The spam was getting pretty bad a couple days ago, so I'll give you this one, but NCWest is taking action to negate the spam and it has definitely shown these past few days. Another comment that makes absolutely no sense. It sounds like you're complaining that people are somehow regretting their decision of buying an outfit just because a new one will come out later? I think you're mixing up two very different points. You should proofread next time before submitting because your comments are so jumbled it's hard to even understand what you're trying to whine about. No one is forcing you buy things off of the store. I don't even understand how you could spend $80 before level 40 when I've only ever bought ONE character slot for $5. It seems less an issue with NCSoft and more of an issue with your *cricket* poor handling of money. It's not my fault or NCSoft's fault if you do not learn about the limitations the game has, it's YOUR FAULT. And the store being unfair and greedy? Have you NEVER experienced RNG? Have you NEVER played a F2P game before? These are issues with ALL F2P games, there's limitations with ALL F2P games. I don't see how you're even remotely surprised about any of this. NCWest was obviously lazy putting this game together for the West, but they are trying to alleviate the problems that have been occurring, you can see that yourself just these past couple days. But these issues you have are your own fault. Bye Felicia.
  12. BRAVO FOR TODAYS HOTFIX! (Spam no more)

    I noticed a few spammers here and there in the Faction chat, but it's a lot less than before.
  13. Is there was a new update right now? can play it. It was just a client update and a server restart. The game is up and running.
  14. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Probably like the Gazorpians in Rick and Morty;
  15. No more money from me... sorry.

    Thanks! But in your OP all you're whining about is bad experiences people are having, I'm posting about my good experience. So, you're welcome for my input! Oh I will.