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  1. Not sure if a bug or just not localized yet but LoS errors give a verbal "you must meet the requirements to use this item" message which is not helpful and a little confusing.
  2. I have done the quest "Chapter 4: The Bamboo Blossom" on 4 separate characters and every time I see the cutscene where Namsoyoo walks up my screen goes black after it whether I skip it or not. It just sits there until I end task to close the game and restart. When i get back into game my character has been teleported out of the instanced building and when I reenter the quest continues as normal. This is the only cutscene where this happens (so far) and it has happened to me consistently. However this has not happened to my wife. The cutscene itself runs fine.
  3. A few emote glitches

    Also when you hit f12 to bring up the emote action bar there are no tool tips when you scroll over the button, which makes it somewhat difficult to tell which is which.