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  1. Dynamic price for gold on F9

    Appearently they always round down after calculating the +/- 50% limit, so we can only ever increase the max again if we have an average of 2.0 for a whole week which isn't going to happen. They either need to round correctly or just keep at least 1 digit after the comma. Rounding to full integer with such small numbers is bs. This *should* be an easy fix.
  2. Me and a friend also found this code about 2 weeks ago. It said Duration expired but we used it anyway and the equipment still worked and we got the tokens from salvaging after it expired again as well.
  3. Dungeon tokens from 55 story?

    That would be amazing :O No farming at all xD
  4. I got told that we will receive some dungeon tokens (horns, wings, etc.) as rewards from the new story (or some event?) but I can't find any information on it. Can someone confirm this? And if so how many do we actually get? I'd like to know so I don't farm tomb unneccessarily. I already have 100 horns, so if we get 50-100 that would cut down my farm a lot.
  5. New Five Point Strike speed in yeti

    How about using the new i-frame on shoulder charge (c)? You can also get a free e if you use tab or 4 (and z if you have HM) and if the new 5 point strike is so fast you can just use e instead of cyclone after it (didn't try it yet). PS: And if you do infinity tower you can get an i-frame on z if I remember correctly.
  6. Curious...

    At least in EU the amount of bots in arena is greatly reduced. They only seem to be active during the night. I never see any during normal playtime hours.
  7. Always getting ripped off by NCWEST

    Well, if they did that even more people would be crying about p2w. That's why they aren't doing it. Of course increasing the required exp to lvl up doesn't really help too. There is basically no way we could reach HM 20 or even 15 in less than 3 years at the current rate.
  8. There are still bots in the arena but I only meet them when playing early in the morning and it looks like they can't use advanced scripts anymore. They are basically just spamming their basic attack or straight afk. During normal playtime hours I have not seen a single bot in the last 2 months I think. Playing on EU btw. Can't say anything about hackers though. I can't get high enough in ranking to meet any potential hackers xD
  9. arena lag on EU?

    I tested WTFast the last time I had this problem and while it does reduce ping spikes it will not help you if the problem is NCSofts servers. When I had ping around 30ms WTFast would get rid of those occasional spikes to 70ms which are barely noticable anyway. When my ping went up to 100+ ms it couldn't do anything because the problem was in NCSofts internal network. I usually have ping of 20-30 ms until I reach NCSofts servers (checked with tracert), whatever happens there will make it go up to 100 or more.
  10. arena lag on EU?

    Yes I noticed this too since yesterday. I often have a ping around 300 ms while I have 50 ms on the open world servers. It's a real shame, the arena servers were rock solid for me until now :(
  11. Huge lag spikes on EU

    I'm not convinced a ping booster is going to help me if their crappy servers are the problem :/ It probably would help me get a better ping on NA but that's really not the point. PS: It also looks like the game server doesn't respond to ping requests so a trace route doesn't get me much besides showing me that my connection is fine until the pings stop.
  12. Huge lag spikes on EU

    Since the last update my ping got considerably worse. I live in Germany and usually have a ping of 50-80. Today it's reached a new high with spikes of over 200ms every few seconds and sometimes it seems like complete packet loss for several seconds (I can move but not attack and NPCs won't react). This is completely unplayable. I will make a new char on the NA server and see if I get a better ping there and it will be a really bad joke if I do :(
  13. Idea to fight bots, really simple

    There is no simple solution for this but NCSoft really needs to step up their bot hunting game. It's getting out of hand. It's not a good first impression if you get spammed by dozens of bots the minute you log in.
  14. This also doesn't work if the client is installed on a different partition than the launcher. Afaik the launcher is always installed in C: and it can't be changed so if you installed the client elsewhere it's not going to work.
  15. What is wrong with EU Server in CBT4 ?

    I had lots of issues like this last CBT as well but this time everything looks fine for me :p