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  1. Drop Rate of Ebony Weapon Chest

    Is it glitched? Ran like 15x 6mans and 10x4mans Gloomdross today have yet to see a weapon chest from any box or drops. This seems oddly low drop chance for just a weapon box. Just trying to get the weapon box so I can get the upgrade over with =~=.
  2. TBH best on how fast the content is release compared to KR, it's better to wait till trove. Later troves will most likely have blue hepta gems just like troves in other version, letting players upgrade to purple heptas & octas easier. Also not to mention, there will be Elemental bonus gems next year...
  3. top dps?

    Release dps meter in NA/EU, problem solved.
  4. 700+ Ap question

    Hongmoon 10 with all gear maxed and only Hex Gems will get you 707 AP.
  5. When is the next trove event?

    Oct 12
  6. Too Many Leechers!!

    Afk in dungeon is not a banable offense, so unless NCsoft start banning leechers, there's nothing you can do.
  7. If I get pulled by adds before the adds or the boss dies, I bid on stingers. I don't see any reason to be civilized if the party members are rude and just sit on boss while the tank does all the mechanics.
  8. Completely RNG Needs to Leave

    On low level weapons, if they're tradeable, just sell the weapons that isn't your class and use the money to buy the one that's for you. For the one's untradeable like Gold Deva at your level, you can use Brilliant Cinderland Key from your survey. You can actually get to profane level 43 weapon if you use your brilliant keys and sell other class blue tradeable weapon.

    Who knows, maybe they're afraid of money lost from banning people that paid for Ncoins, because after 3 reports over time on the same guy each with video proof and he's still fine after a month. If any GM or CM that actually cares, you can message me and I'll give you the old ticket or the videos again, but as of now, it seems to me that they are ok with any modest hacks and bots for only half hour or so on dailies or grind.
  10. The true boss of Floor 15

    You're one of the unlucky people that has to go through a bad server node, nothing you can do unless you bypass it with a vpn or pingbooster. They will not replace those nodes because of cost vs profit, else they would of done it already.

    You got beat by someone's girlfriend, feels bad man.
  12. What should I upgrade first?

    Go Awaken Oath Ring > Awaken Oath Earring > Awaken Breeze Weapon > True Oath Ring > True Oath Earring > Awaken + True Oath Bracelet (Only upgrade if you have enough to do both because Python Bracelet > Awaken Oath Bracelet)
  13. That is just the mainstream legendary.
  14. This is a non-issue. Why not just make your own party with lower AP requirement or just que for it. Do you honestly believe that people that premade will want a slower run rather than a faster run with well geared people. If someone just want to make a group for a fast run, they're not going to ask for 390 AP and believe in the heart of the cards to do as much damage with someone that has 500 unless there's a vast difference in skill. Most groups asking for high AP because they want to go in clear it and leave within 7 minutes, they're not looking for 500 AP to do first time clear.

    For PVP Soulstone Pouches: Hongmoon Soulstone for players below 1450 achievement points. Tradeable Soulstone for players above 1450 achievement points.