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  1. Can't say that's not annoying. People are looking for parties and these lazy idiots that can't do something so simple and just WARP to where they need to go only makes me hate this game even more. PVE Logic, 3 loading screens in cross vs 1 warping to a raid dungeon outside cross.
  2. It's pretty annoying trying to hold left click while shooting AFTER using any skill. Sometimes after using a skill and holding left again the player just stops shooting which can mess up combos in pvp/e so I really hope that gets a look at and to fix it cause i'm tellin yeah that's gonna mess a lot of people up.
  3. You don't know this but it's a god sin to have a brain in this community.
  4. You gonna go burn to some toast now?
  5. You even play MKX or street fighter at all? Well since you don't want any debate you might as well do what your own user name stated.
  6. 10 is the max or did they add more finally? Don't see why it was a limit in the first place....
  7. I'm stealing this topic! I still find it funny that the only reason people were watching were for the codes. You can't say the whole hours were full of excitement. I'm with Blaze and just went back to leveling I got so bored. Do they even watch how KR runs tournaments or just any tournament in general is my question. Your supposed to HYPE of up stream not put them to sleep. Like what the hell was with the music, really? Take Note on music for crying out loud And for commentating take BIGGER notes. Least try being excited.
  8. You and everyone else are the reason why peopled played gunner just for that TAB + Shield nonsense, thats it, thats ALL you people ever played it for. In PVP, in PVE, the first skill ever used is the same nonsense. They nerfed it for that reason. So, it's not a bug it's supposed to be this way to stop brainless players using it nonstop without thinking before hand. The 4 shots is still active but i'll become a cash user before I tell anyone how to do it, figure it out yourselves.
  9. Not a bug. If you'd watch the stream they clicked the icon on the bottom right of the mail so you can select how many you want.
  10. I say it's a bug because I edit the title so it just up and duped it.
  11. So i'm digging around the games files because that's what I do annnnn I found this. Don't jump to conclusions it could be anything. I did hear weeks back something about archers while I was sick around twitter but I really hope that isn't true. Annoying enough fighting classes like that in dragon nest back in the day. Oh, and elsword
  12. So you all know, you can report people afking. It's been this way for a while because I've asked support about it a month ago or so. People don't wanna help? Doesn't matter if it's a easy dungeon you didn't come to afk you came to get something done so get it. I'm not gonna keep joining parties and have people leave because some idiot wants to afk.
  13. Yeah i should have said the costume or edit the post stating that, my bad.
  14. You talkin bout the level 50 thing in the cash shop? That has 0 things to do with gunner lyns! Not only that i'm sure the majority of the community didn even use the FREE 50 was got back in december and are waiting for lyn gunner to come just to use it like I am.
  15. What....? Now you're just saying stuff. How is adding a free class for money?
  16. Not sure why they bother making it for tailer.
  17. Get, over, it. It's nothing special about it, it got moved to lyns just like elin gunner off tera so what? They still have the same animations and skills. Still will have broken damage till the nerfs move in.
  18. A Hot springs costume! (at least thats what It looks like...) I have been waiting for YEARS. First Dragon Nest added somethin like this back in uhhh....the hell was that year 2014? 5? Good game btw, dead community more so in pvp. Then Elsword added this last year with very nice maps to chill on, good game also, too many weebs trying to rp around me tho... and Now our game. Ima uhhhh have a look around for more info. http://bns.plaync.com/news/commonnotice/article/6191
  19. Yeah it is, people have been doing this for years now in this game it's nothin really all that new.
  20. I don't know about YOU but I actually own the house of pleasures.
  21. Or...SOMETHING all I can think of right now is a button. I would like to have these pretty/better/cuter animations back without me having to uhhh.....uhh nothing.
  22. No we already have enough buff damages at is. Either give them more gestures to use to some heart aura effect when near each other like last years V day costume.
  23. Yeah the brainless people playing gunner right now just for TAB + Z or w/e the key is for shield on them because it's insanely broken at the moment. It was a patch back in december that removed that TAB + 431249025389 damage making it into a normal 3 + F after lock on.
  24. People made countless topics about the weapons not dropping anymore in that mini dungeon since somethin happened around 2015 or 16 w/e update it was that removed them and to this day we sill got no answer about them bringing the skins back. Even when I had one of the managers in discord talking to her about the missing weapons I could obviously tell she didn' care because it was more important things they want to take care of (like what aside from poor connections this game has day in and out) If I recall the weps were removed in KR/Tai due to bots farming the place and i'm guessin
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