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  1. NCsoft West you kidding

    Lol. Welcome to mmo.
  2. Should I play this game... again?

    Don't let anyone make your own decisions. Just go in and try and decide by yourself.
  3. Crit going down after each level up

    As you level up, your base stat gets higher meaning that you have to put in more crit to catch up to base stats.
  4. Weapon Progression Guide

    GOODS news is good news. people are over-reacting. Always being moved by peoples' own assumptions. everyone assumed they needed to rush because they heard from other people and made their own choices. NCsoft might have made some sudden changes but that doesn't give them the fault for your own incompetence. this is a good news, which helps everyone not just the one that already have everything. do you realize what exactly you are complaining about.?
  5. Weapon Progression Guide

    When a good news come, people still are not satisfied. wow
  6. the combat is amazing but pvp...

    what exactly is that you dislike about pvp?
  7. Which items sells the best on the marketplace?

    Moonwater quartz, soul stones, good gems, gem pouches, moonwater tears, tempered clay refiners, transformation stones, HM books, misty woods keys, pentagonal and hexagonal gem fragments, etc.
  8. Banned for third party programs

    Lol do you even read the post NC have made?
  9. Siren bracelet vs pirate

    That's not true at all. Windshock outputs more dmg than the pirate belt.
  10. You gotta admit it

    Why is it that everyone wants to reach to the highest real quick.? You don't have to rush, you can still play all content with true profane or awaken siren. People don't have to break their legs trying to get to the end right away, just go your own pace and have fun. Pvp arena is equalized so you can play it and farm and learn eternally. And yes it takes to to be goof a anything. Efforts and practice rewards perfection. Some people might be lucky some might be unlucky. But we all are progressing each day. Tl. Play at your own pace.
  11. You are soo wrong. Hope you being sarcastic.
  12. Just click decline.... How hard is that.?just keep doing it. It takes less than 4 sec....
  13. Why is it that you can't buy items individually?

    This is pretty simple. People want to make money off of their batches. They don't want to hit the daily selling cap. And to gain profit they sell in large batches where you have to buy them all. This is pretty simple. People want to make money off of their batches. They don't want to hit the daily selling cap. And to gain profit they sell in large batches where you have to buy them all.
  14. Silent player in guild

    It's me dad. I just wanted to be in the shadows :p.
  15. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    One thing what most people fail to understand is. THERE is a difference between GOOD ani cancel and just inproper ani cancel. Many many people in this game think they are doing a good animation cancel when in fact it takes more than that to perfectly execute a effective animation cancel. it is not about smashing actually, its about finding your own pace and rytthm. yes Ping has a big effect on it but most people aren't doing a proper animation canceling
  16. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Guys, dont feed this anymore...
  17. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    I think this is a troll... No more feed?
  18. Lol, those are player prices. Just be patient it'll go down. Everyone will be able to acquire the books. And I don't think it's worth paying much because we'll get it easier eventually
  19. Are they going to fix combat or not ?

    Ahhh that, yea I guess there is so issues.
  20. Well, if you are in party if 4 and some item drops of 400 value, and someone bids 200+ that means you'll gain 50+ out of the bidding because distribution. And repeat until you get enough gold.
  21. Are they going to fix combat or not ?

    The combat was intended. It's Iframes and tricks you pull, you have to outsmart your opponent.
  22. Unidentified Crimson Legion

    Really? wow thats makes it so much easier..
  23. What outfit is this

    We missing out.
  24. download speed limit?

    perhaps to not cause an overload of many people downloading at same time. maybe their server or host cant handle much.
  25. i still see no problem here...