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  1. Well I'm a premium 10 and support has never done anything for me. Whether its a transfer or item recovery, all they say is "tough luck" or "we dont have to tools to do anything regarding the subject matter at hand".... Not a single time. So I think premium level isn't what was making a difference. While I can't even transfer some of the head-start items received from the gold bundle like potions or things I never used from an old character to my new ones, people in my clan get things as simple as untradeable gems transferred or items restored that they accidentally sold to the vendor. It's not because of the premium level, it's just if they feel like it. They can take the issue and send it up saying a certain person needs a certain item restored or moved but if they dont feel like it, you're out of luck. Support: "I'm having a good day. Oh this person needs an item transfer. Oh why the heck not! Done!" -OR- Support: "Man this has been such a horrible day. Oh this guys says he needs a transfer. Too bad mother****er!! AHAHAHAHA! Suck it *****!"
  2. Larger breasts size

    Same here. I dont mind big breasts. Actually I love them, its just in CERTAIN costumes the breasts defy gravity and jet out at a near 90 degree angle from the body. I don't like torpedo tits, just really weirds me out. But I do love Big Bosoms and you have my support. Also, if anyone wants to talk about the Queues and my idea here's the link (meant for pre-alpha/beta master pack holders):
  3. Queue is BS!!!

    No takers? "Seniority" queue system for the ones that were supporters (purchased Master's Pack) pre-Alpha. Well it is late I suppose. 2:27 am over here and I got to work in 4 hours. Maybe I should get some sleep. But then I already did sleep from 6pm to 11pm... Guess I'll requote this tomorrow night.
  4. Queue is BS!!!

    Okay so this is the official thread for any ideas relating to the queue right? So here's my idea and before y'all start blowing it up and making fun of it, this is meant mainly for those of us that have been waiting for this game and supporting it (I bought a Master's Founder's pack the moment they came out with it in order to do whatever I could to hasten the development of NA Servers) since it's creation almost 4 years back. What I'm talking about is a "Seniority" system. It's like a consolation perk for those that purchased the Master's pack Pre-Alpha. So the number of people are set, it's not going to increase. And to actually explain it. It would be giving those pre-alpha players that bought a Master's a separate login queue. I know premium exists but as premium being 4 digits away from login as a premium user was a surprise to me. Granted, it MIGHT diminish once the new servers come out and they lock the originals but I'm sure there are users like myself where we don't want to go to a new server and start over. Now it already happened on my first thread, please just respond to my post if you are supporting it. The reason it is on the forum is for quantitative data. To show the amount of support and demand for it. Thank you very much.
  5. Waiting Queue

    No no no, not pay to access. Just talking about seniority as in a sense of those who bought Master Founder's Packs pre-Alpha/pre-Beta. I'm talking about for those who have already paid a LONG time ago. Not just recently, that's whole difference. Like a Premium+, kind of I guess. But it's not like it will increase the queue much. You can't add to the history, the ones that paid for it beforehand. Meant for the long-time supporters pretty much. Like how you cherish your old friends and will usually rush to their aid compared to an unknown person you just saw a few minutes ago.
  6. Waiting Queue

    Neither? What should I submit a ticket through the support channel instead? I can't speak for all the people who paid for a Master's Founder's Pack. So this was the best option I thought to collect more support for the Seniority system. I mean if this is causing trouble for the free players, I'll just do that but kind of difficult to display any quantitative data from a single ticket from a single user. Or maybe I should've titled this topic as "Petition Request form for Seniority System"? Sorry if that's it, I didn't really think this would cause such a ruckus.
  7. Waiting Queue

    High Horse? Um I work to pay for my bills. Games being a part of it. Some families buy an Xbox One or PS4, other families play MMORPGs like WoW. In the end, you pay for your entertainment. That's what pretty much what games are for, to give you a break from the normal daily routine. The quality of your experience depends on you. I pay for my games because I want the best. Reality doesn't suit me much. I go to work at 5 am every morning until around 7 pm every night including weekends, this is the first time I have had this much time off. But again, I like enjoying myself, so I am going to spend my money if that's what it takes for me to heighten my gaming experience. "Spoiled" usually pertains to an individual who has been spoon-fed and given everything they ever wanted without having to work for it. I on the other hand have had most of anything I had taken from me and had to work for it myself. And yes, 12 minutes is a while. Let's see, if I have three characters I want to play and depending on whatever scenario occurs and I want to log onto a different character (to mail a weapon or accessory, maybe send ingredients, etc.) that's 12 minutes. So from beginning of playing that would be a hypothetical 24 minutes. But I only logged onto the 2nd Character for a brief trade, so I am going to log back onto my 1st character. Another 12 minutes, so that totals to be around 36 minutes so far. But then my friend calls me, tells me that he made an account and created a character on a new server because all creation on my server was full due to the population overflow from Mushin and other servers. He bought the Master's Founders pack just so he could play with me but due to work and unforeseen circumstances was unable to even access his account for a while. So, being the one who convinced him to buy a Master Founder's Pack pre-Beta, I take responsibility by creating a new character on his server. Lord behold, this server has a queue as well. An additional 12 minutes. Totaling 48 minutes so far. We play for a bit and he needs to go to work or go out with his girlfriend, etc. So I log back onto my main server, another 12 minutes. That's a total of 1 hour I just spent trying to log in. Hmm... And I'm premium? And pre-Beta? Been supporting this for how long? Anyways, like I said, I will still be playing this game if this doesn't come to pass. But this is pretty much a petition form for those who want the seniority system to happen. Not negative Nancy's that won't spend a cent on their games and then complain that people who do spend money get better perks.. (Kind of the point, also they need money to keep their servers up and running and pay technicians to maintain their equipment and data, also their employees as well).. No offense taken and hopefully no offense given (since this world is soft and about feelings now, oh and equality, can't forget that one now).
  8. Waiting Queue

    Hmmm no one? So I guess it's just me then... But hey Blade and Soul Devs. I really hope you can find it in your hearts to implement a seniority system. Pretty please with a cherry on top. =] I dont see how it would hurt.. =D
  9. Waiting Queue

    So I don't know about the rest of you people but I think there should be a seniority concept even to the premium memberships for login queues. I mean the ones that purchased a Master Founders pack the moment it became available in hopes to further hasten the process of building up NA servers were the ones that REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME. I did the same, and I was a part of the Alpha and Beta Testing. I love this game, day in and day out. Honestly, it keeps me sane. So when I have to wait to play a game that I really want to but all these free players that (even when I offered and have many beta keys) just waited saying "oh I'm just going to wait until comes out, I ain't going to pay for some game" are filling up the servers, it kind of makes me irritated.. Even now, as I type this topic from 11:40 pm, I don't know if it's the newly implemented AFK Auto-Kick but my client just closed on its own while I was WAITING IN LINE... I'm premium. I support this game as it is one of my only hobbies apart from reading mangas and watching anime and sleeping. I work just to support my hobbies,, always have and always will. But I really believe there should be a seniority system even among premium users. What about all our devotion and support that these other people never had or gave? Like, I want to play. And I can't. And if I switch characters, I have to wait again.. Also, I understand why but I feel that the caps should have stayed in place while the new servers are being created. I wanted to play in Mushin, I really did. But when we first released for the Beta from the Alpha, OMG the waiting was ridiculous. And I remembered that, so during Name Reservation I picked Poharan as my new home. I love her btw (I've never seen her cutscenes or even done the dungeon but I gots her posterd, mousepad, & wall scrolls all over my room), but I believed her to be pretty popular. My belief was right when Poharan Server became Mushin Server #2... 11:51 pm and my estimated time from 10 minutes went UP to 12... >> Anyways I think they should implement a seniority system for those of us who have been here the whole time. It shouldn't be hard for them to look up whose accounts have been active and in use during those times right? Like a log or something considering that some information on the servers were not deleted during the wipe? Don't get me wrong though, even if they don't do this I will still be here even until nitty gritty end comes to pass. I always have and always will love and support Blade & Soul. But there has to be people out there that feel the same as I do. I didn't hop on the hype train to play this game. I found it on the internet 3-4 years ago when I was looking for a new game to dedicate myself to. I didn't want to WoW like the rest of my friends and I was growing tired of DotA. Game consoles were nice but they lacked community. I just feel that we, the ones who waited, deserve a little something more (idk maybe I'm being just a selfish brat??).
  10. Soooo, I go on a few days at work to a place with no internet (or my computer). Now I find out you can square off against Jaesung!? Anyone else in my situation? Dang such a great opportunity; chance to learn, guaranteed a t-shirt (Grr so angry, wanted a crimson or assassin shirt SO BAD [wtb btw]), and IF you BEAT him you get a master's pack!!! I really do think its a great learning experience, for me I learned more about the classes through pvp (didn't lose in 1v1 yet). [LF> Assassin -or- Crimson T-shirt] Oh god i want so bad!!! xDDDD Oh if someone definitely wants to back out, I'll take your spot!! =D Well thats if I get to play considering I work until 7pm EST. I know the NA part for the matches start up around 6pm EST.. Why oh why does the US army gotta make us work all day on the 24th for a pseudo Thanksgiving Meal.. >>
  11. General Bugs/Issues

    These are just some things I caught my attention during gameplay and made me think, "Hmm, this is weird. I think I should write it down.." Fishbelly Pub: water splashing noice when walking on wood. Tomb of the exiles: respawn bug for enemies - respawned immediately after being dispatched. Croak king's court: how do cannons fire on their own? how can enemies target invisible units? Skill: Shadow dash doesnt work properly after turning leaf (I am within 15 meters). *System will register character with disposable weapon even after expending it (ex. bomb, rifle, etc.). Pilfered Treasury: Chapter 21 - Paper Dokkaebi defeated but wont register for the quest (all enemies were defeated in the dungeon).
  12. Character Creation

    Why is it that for Master Kung Fu women get gravity-defying breasts when you select an outfit other than their underwear as their outfit during character creation? They stick out perpendicular to the ground as if they have nipple clamps on them and are being tugged on a tug-of-war contest. Reminds me of witching sticks, the angle and direction of the boobs..
  13. Command for Dance #2

    try /cheer i saw them use that one during the stream
  14. I threw a lamp and it stayed on my hand until i relogged..