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  1. No I havent. But I never had to do any of this when the game first launched all the way to the end of year 2. Is it that older hardware are more compatible with BnS than newer hardware? I'll look into the FTH and bluetooth disable. How do I make sure the correct GPU is set in the control panel? I don't seen anything pop up on my nvidia control panel except developer>manage gpu performance counters. And thank you for the response.
  2. Sooo I played Bns when it first launched until the end of year 2. I was running on a self-built desktop with a z170 mobo, i7 5th gen, 980ti, 16gb ram, with 650 powersupply. On a really cheap budget monitor I bought for under $150 from best buy. OS was Windows 7. Now I decided to get another desktop after a while since I wanted to play BnS again but I no longer have my old tower. So I went and got a desktop custom-built tower by nzxt. z490 mobo, i7 10th gen, 2080 super, 32bg ram, 1000 power supply. And my monitor is the LG 34GN850-B 34 Inch. Before I used an hdmi to hdmi cable, now
  3. Same here. I dont mind big breasts. Actually I love them, its just in CERTAIN costumes the breasts defy gravity and jet out at a near 90 degree angle from the body. I don't like torpedo tits, just really weirds me out. But I do love Big Bosoms and you have my support. Also, if anyone wants to talk about the Queues and my idea here's the link (meant for pre-alpha/beta master pack holders):
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