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  1. 1 hour ago, YamiKokennin said:

    I transmuted 5 times, got 3 pouches. Open 3 got 2 Moonlight and 1 Red Dwarf. My summoner is now wearing Moonlight.

    It's another RNG basically, but I am surprised that you failed so many times in the row O.O

    I'm not even exaggerating it really failed 13 times in a row. Because Fabrics got cheap last week so I bought a lot. LOL

  2. 14 minutes ago, Dad said:

    This is what I tell every game company that does the "new costumes every months" crap, just put all the costumes in cash shop! you want more money right? WELL THERE YOU GO what's the problem?!

    When you go to support and their respond is to go to the forums and leave suggestions.. And so many people in here tried to give feedback and nothing has been done to the Outfit Transmutation and Fabric Supply. I'm still waiting patiently but I'm frustrated now with the Fabric/Transmutation issues.

  3. I'm going to join in this outcry!


    For some reason after last week's maintenance every outfit transmutation has been a fail. I tried about 13 times.


    Used to be able to have a success in my 2nd or 3rd time, but 13 times in a row... Something not right in here. Maybe because fabric supply has been good and they lowered the chance? I don't know but please have this investigated.


    All I ask is to get it checked or looked at that is all. And have a little bit of sympathy.


    Been trying since day 1, buying 10 fabrics a day to try and still haven't gotten my Highborn. I'm sorry but I really just want that outfit and it's been months already. I should be able to have it by now..

  4. 13 minutes ago, Arithin said:

    Really do need other ways for fabric/HQ fabric. 

    I know!


    At least make dismantling outfits from store/HM Store give 5 Fabrics and 5 HQ Fabrics not 1. Or make us buy Fabrics from HM store if they don't have plans to make loot outfits to be dismantled.


    Also put Fabrics on the Daily Dash asap.


  5. I have all Bank and Inventory space unlocked, and for some reason you can't unlock the rest of the First tab of your bank since the game released. It's greyed out, so don't waste your money. Not sure why...


    I'm also keeping outfits from drops and wheels for when they make them salvageable. I'm just being hopeful, sorry. :)

  6. 5 minutes ago, qpoljanan said:


    Jin is the most human, because they represent the commont Korean person, which in this case you don't know, is a game based on Korean/Chinese mythology. Even a lot of the hairstyles and outfits have a very Korean flare which is honestly what I love about this game. It really sets it apart from the hundreds of Wuxia MMOs out there that is just a copy of either TwelveSky or Perfect World. 

    Well thanks for letting me know I didn't know that...


    Anyway your "human like" definition is debatable. But I guess I see where your view stands and I respect that. I still think pointy chin is from plastic surgery.

  7. 2 hours ago, Yashuoa said:

    I like the races in blade and soul so far.


    Look wise:



    The most human like race, which is a type that is in most mmorpgs.

    Something many people like. Glad to have this type of race too.



    Wait.. Jin is the most human like? With pointy chins and anime faces? Seems like that's what they do in Asian plastic surgery. They shave the chins to be pointy which is not natural. Don't get me started with their running animation (Female Jin.)


    I think Yuns have better human like faces. Although they are very Fashion Model skinny side, which is good in my book.


    My Yun character:



  8. Some suggestions.


    1. Mark of Injustice - Greatly boosts fighting abilities when you are overwhelmed. Increases Defense, HP, Critical Rate, Crit, Evasion and Block.


    2. Fortified - You and your allies can withstand incoming attacks. Surrounding yourself with other faction members increases evasion dramatically.


    3. Medal of Honor - Increases faction rewards when you have Mark of Injustice and Fortified buffs.


    4. Add Soulstone on daily rewards. You can pick either a Key or a 2 Soulstone. That will remove open world PvP unbalance because only dedicated PvP players will engage in PvP. PvE players don't need to do faction dailies to acquire Soulstones.






  9. I think when you're going to play with other FM (especially in 24 man) it is safe to just play and have fun. You will both be doing the best DPS possible. If the other guy is auto detonating, it is obviously you will be the one lacking DPS, so it is a bit counter productive.


    If the DPS is still slow, there is definitely something wrong, especially with our current patch.

  10. 41 minutes ago, LilMsQT said:

    L♡vee these..are they avaliable on the NA servers ? I want for my yun!!

    The First one you can only preview and hope it's going to be here soon. The Second one is from RNG box from Transmutation which is so impossible to get.

  11. 7 hours ago, Lock6 said:

    Hi Everyone,


    Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback on the new Daily Dash, while we don't want to break the game with the items players can win we do want players to be happy with what they get.


    If you have any more suggestions for how to improve the Daily Dash we would love to hear them.


    Thanks again.

    You know what would be good in daily dash? Fabrics! Fabrics! Fabrics! Not High Quality Fabrics, but Fabrics! <3

  12. 3 hours ago, Skyfire said:

    I can't kill the 7th floor as FM.  Everything up to that point is nearly trivial.  I've tried for hours.  Lowest I got him was 30% but he just always kills me.  I'm watching these videos and there it's like he's not even attacking.

    Omg did the same thing watched others play on YouTube and it seemed to do less movements and the boss for me is crazy. 


    I got him to 22% and then he goes crazy unfair.

  13. 14 minutes ago, BattleKat said:

    Pls, again, i am a F2P player that LOVE costumes, and i spent 50% or even more time just farming or hoarding money to buy costumes, but i beg you guys to not complain about this sistem, it allow them to earn money with out making the game Pay2Win, my favorite game RaiderZ died because they made one heavy pay2win update after 6 months. This game dont have anything like that yet, so pls dont bother the publisher or the developers with complains that have no sense.


    Did you know the Chinese BnS server is already Pay2Win?, while the Korean server is not, so, pls dont push our luck, lets try to keep our Publisher happy so they pick the Korean server method, and not the Chinese one.

    I'm pretty sure your gold will be eaten once this happens to you, and you will be the first one complaining in the forums. You will cry your heart out after farming for those gold you use to buy fabrics. Plus the only way to buy outfit is through cash shop and Transmuting outfits. So having gold or having lots of real cash will not save you from this RNG.


    Just thank Pannon for reminding you not to bother with this system. Save your gold on other things.

  14. 1 hour ago, Pannon said:

    Yeah, this is something that should have been addressed and patched before launch .It is as if they intended to hide the notification of a chance to fail before transmuting just so they can get you to think you will actually get it but instead give you a big middle finger with an item that is probably worth a cent.

    Well I'm glad they said they are working around the clock fixing this. I will put my hopes on NCsoft for fixing it fast! I will try to be patient as much as I can, but hurry up! :P

  15. 33 minutes ago, Elvenmad said:


      This is how it works in all other versions, including the private RU one, There is a chance to only get one Fabric, The biggest problem we have currently is there is next to no Information available to us playing this version ANY WERE, not even from the games publishers, just nothing.


     On other versions though Players used to grind NPC's in Jadestone village and break the costumes you could get from the tokens into fabric's, so apart from the grind Fabrics were free, I dont know if thats possible here though.


    Unless you have played any of the already existing other versions of BnS and enough to fully understand them,  most playing this version will never know, ofc until it is too late, which is really bad. I do feel sorry for the OP along with the many 1000's of other players who are having to find out how things work through mistakes like this. 


      Its like the only people providing info at all concerning this game are other players , It is even happening with all the problems 1000's of players are having just downloading this game and getting it to actually work, all the fix's and ways around are coming from other players on the forums, they are doing the Q&A and the problem solving. 


    I am aware this exist on other regions. But you are forgetting one thing. It's that you cannot salvage the usual outfits you can to be able to produce Fabric and High Quality fabric. That is the only flaw in this system that needs attention.

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