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  1. Can you guys add Chime outfit back to the store please! I missed this the last time and I think it's a seller. Thank you so much!!!
  2. I really need Lunar Eclipse to complete my look. I'm willing to pay NCcoin for this. Please bring them ASAP and thank you!!!
  3. At this point, I would just want these in Cash Shop or Premium reward, cause I really wanted these for so long. I can't wait anymore... I'll buy it in a second! Lunar Eclipse that is.
  4. But one of the npc mentioned that the Admiral has pets and it almost ate him. So I guess he/they are talking about Poharan as the Admiral. In context the dungeon is introducing the last boss probably..
  5. I'm not even exaggerating it really failed 13 times in a row. Because Fabrics got cheap last week so I bought a lot. LOL
  6. When you go to support and their respond is to go to the forums and leave suggestions.. And so many people in here tried to give feedback and nothing has been done to the Outfit Transmutation and Fabric Supply. I'm still waiting patiently but I'm frustrated now with the Fabric/Transmutation issues.
  7. I also have a suggestion to put all these outfits in cash shop/Hongmoon Store now ASAP because this is just ridiculous.
  8. I'm going to join in this outcry! For some reason after last week's maintenance every outfit transmutation has been a fail. I tried about 13 times. Used to be able to have a success in my 2nd or 3rd time, but 13 times in a row... Something not right in here. Maybe because fabric supply has been good and they lowered the chance? I don't know but please have this investigated. All I ask is to get it checked or looked at that is all. And have a little bit of sympathy. Been trying since day 1, buying 10 fabrics a day to try and still haven't gotten m
  9. I know! At least make dismantling outfits from store/HM Store give 5 Fabrics and 5 HQ Fabrics not 1. Or make us buy Fabrics from HM store if they don't have plans to make loot outfits to be dismantled. Also put Fabrics on the Daily Dash asap.
  10. I have all Bank and Inventory space unlocked, and for some reason you can't unlock the rest of the First tab of your bank since the game released. It's greyed out, so don't waste your money. Not sure why... I'm also keeping outfits from drops and wheels for when they make them salvageable. I'm just being hopeful, sorry. :)
  11. Well thanks for letting me know I didn't know that... Anyway your "human like" definition is debatable. But I guess I see where your view stands and I respect that. I still think pointy chin is from plastic surgery.
  12. Wait.. Jin is the most human like? With pointy chins and anime faces? Seems like that's what they do in Asian plastic surgery. They shave the chins to be pointy which is not natural. Don't get me started with their running animation (Female Jin.) I think Yuns have better human like faces. Although they are very Fashion Model skinny side, which is good in my book. My Yun character:
  13. Hahahah! Arena is so scary! I don't know why I'm forced to do it, but I do it for soulstones.
  14. It has been laggy for me too. It's weird, it started maybe 4 days or 5 days ago?
  15. Some suggestions. 1. Mark of Injustice - Greatly boosts fighting abilities when you are overwhelmed. Increases Defense, HP, Critical Rate, Crit, Evasion and Block. 2. Fortified - You and your allies can withstand incoming attacks. Surrounding yourself with other faction members increases evasion dramatically. 3. Medal of Honor - Increases faction rewards when you have Mark of Injustice and Fortified buffs. 4. Add Soulstone on daily rewards. You can pick either a Key or a 2 Soulstone. That will remove open world PvP unbalance because only dedicate
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