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  1. Please.

    Acknowledged but not fixed. Nothing, not a word. Babbletr0n did mention in a Twitter that it was being looked into. We also have a temporary solution. But we need more than this. Do we have any official word?
  2. Female Lyn has no breasts?

    Here: Related. All this talk about a race because it doesn't have endowments, more on people "nothing" to see here...
  3. How come no warlock

    Game was released in Korea in 2012... much less than a decade. Warlock was release with a bunch of lore surrounding it, so while they could provide the class to us we would be missing out. I know it sucks to be patient but it is also the same reason we are getting a 45 cap at first. They are providing the cap so we don't skip the 45 areas on our way to 50. I for one would like to experience the game as I play. I mean I went back to an "older" MMO and all the old areas are barren with no players as everyone is in the "new" areas.
  4. If I am not mistaken the China and maybe Russian clients were censored as the Korean and Taiwan clients were not. (I could be wrong) We are not on a censored client, I think we are closest to the Korean client as the only change was the level cap and such.
  5. Hack? or is it just me that it move too fast?

    15 FPS... Seriously that is not good. I did see a spike when you hit 25 FPS but I didn't see anything higher. Please don't accuse a good player of cheating when you don't have the knowledge or equipment to tell if someone is in fact cheating. You should probably apologize...
  6. Anyone know what time the cbt starts?

    Here is the information from the FAQ: Weekend 2: Nov 13, 10am PST - Nov 16, 10pm PST So AM means in the morning for those in the time Zone. PST is WEST COAST. Those of you on the EAST COAST would need to add THREE HOURS. This would of course factor in if you are currently in a location that is observing Daylight Saving TIme. This link will help you make sure that you are on time:
  7. Support ticket issue - need help please!

    I found this on Google: 866-367-9516 NCSoft phone support
  8. Dungeon loot P2W

    Nice Necro!
  9. IGN Character Limits?

    Here you go:
  10. Ideas to combat low lvl pvp camping

    Let me leave this here:
  11. Ideas to combat low lvl pvp camping

    Congrats on taking my entire response and taking only a small fraction of it to again play the victim. I have not prejudged anything. I am simply using the systems in place to stop something before it becomes an issue. The game has consensual PVP which means that PVP is optional. You "flag" yourself for PVP by putting on the dobak.
  12. Ideas to combat low lvl pvp camping

    Stop trying to fix a non-issue. I am not fearful of change, in my long gaming career I have seen the changes and I have adapted to change. I have seen my favorite class reworked into the ground. I have seen my game go from a Sub to F2P. I have seen my games go from where items required time or were challenging to obtain become a cash shop item. We are not comparing our longevity in gaming. We are discussing an issue that the majority of the population has attempted to educate you on. Where you have come back and lashed out because your idea was not widely accepted and then claim to be the victim when you are responded to harshly. I don't fear you but I think you may fear me. Not in any measurable way but because each time I have responded you have attempted to twist my words around and use them to portray yourself as the victim. You have alienated yourself.
  13. No tail holes for lyn

    I play a Lyn and I have not found this to be a problem. I think it would be beneficial if we changed the costume to provide holes for ears and tails. But with so many options for ears and tails we either would need multiple options OR a rather large hole. If all costumes are one size fit race then we need to have Lyn versions with really large holes for ears and tails. As this would not look appealing I will use my imagination instead to pretend the costume has a hole and hope they don't change it.
  14. Ideas to combat low lvl pvp camping

    I have edited down your post (wall) down to the most important part. You have no experience in the game that you are trying to change. You do not have any knowledge in the systems that are already in place.
  15. This video provides useful details. Spread this around. Please.