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  1. Wind Archer Tab is inconsistent

    Ok, nvm. It appears that it just cancels if you move. Wish that was more visible apparent and/or noted in the skill description.
  2. Sometimes the Wind Archer's Stormwaker skill (TAB iframe) doesn't seem to iframe correctly. I've noticed it in particular on the M'ao fight. I've seen it happen on her 3hit punishment and on the bombs in the 80/40 mech phase.
  3. M'ao Bomb Timer Bug

    When fighting M'ao in Den of the Ancients during her Moon Wax phase (80% and 40%) the bomb timer displayed at my feet will have it's display reset if I have my Thrall use Soulburn. The bomb will still explode the right number of seconds later but the displayed number of seconds will be off. I don't know if this bugs on other skills but it happens every time I use Soulburn on my Warlock.
  4. Hidden HM Skills?

    I recently came back to the game and noticed that many of the HM Skills that were "lost" when I stopped playing are now available. However there's still one that's missing for each class. Does anyone know if this skill is out in Korea and we just don't have it yet or is NCSoft just baiting us?
  5. Soulburn CD Reduction

    I've noticed that the Raven 8-piece bonus for WL reduces the CD of Soulburn. Does this decrease the "can't get Soulburn" debuff's duration? Otherwise this seems useless.
  6. FAS reset after failed run

    So earlier today I ran FAS and didn't get the reward because I was respawning when the boss died. Now the dungeon won't let me re-enter. Am I just screwed out of this week's weekly challenge because I got jipped on this quest?
  7. I'd like to join up. I'm a returning player. My IGN is Vrasen. I'm even a Lyn.
  8. About SoulFighter

    For leveling I've been using KFM stance mostly. Most enemies you can just rush in and then counter immediately or after a few seconds, go behind them and cobalt punch once and they die. This approach in nice bc it leaves you with most of your focus left after they're dead.
  9. 5th & 6th Gem Slot Advice Needed

    What class are you? If you're able to block alot then the Emerald becomes alot better. But if you're an FM emeralds are useless. Personally I would lean towards the HP over time emerald if you're blocking alot (ie BM) otherwise I'd go for one of the Sapphires.
  10. Is it normal for FM to attract all aggro??

    With a combination of moving left/right around the boss and using Q/E/SS along with prison and sheath you should be able to tank pretty much anything. It also helps to have a heal amethyst and spec into the right branch of frost fury for the healing. That way when you're low you can switch from DPS to spamming frost fury until you're healed. Depending on DPS requirements and how many FMs are in your party you can also use impact to block ranged attacks if you spec out of burning for impact. This is almost never necessary though.
  11. Is there a way to know if a gem crafting can fail? I'm looking at making some of the heptagonal and higher gems but I can't tell if they can fail or not.
  12. Opening 100x 500 Prestige Points Chest and more

    You can buy those chests from the prestige merchant at soulstone plains. It's the main reason to do that area after you finish the dailies.
  13. Apostrophe button in skill book

    If you map the apostrophe (') to a skill in the skill book rather than displaying ' for that section it show ' Not a major bug but seems like an easy fix
  14. Attack Power

    The worst symptom of the obsession with AP to me is that ppl try to put AP req on rooms for the vipercap event.
  15. Cavern Fungus price.

    I think it's 5g for the upgrade stone