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  1. So its been nearly 3/4 of a year since i played. and i got some questions before i return 1. Are bots still a problem (where they flooded everywhere and spam constantly) 2. Is the playerbase still...healthy? (like not abandoned like Archeage or other games murdered by bots) 3. any new classes? rifles?
  2. i was reading this. and then got to this drag his corpse to a post, tie his arse up and then interrigate him while he proceeds to shout where the guard right round the corner fails to hear him oh god it hurts to laugh this much xD sad thing is i can see my character doing that xD

    *reads first post* YAY! *jumps up in the air* *sees your post* *faceplants into the ground* the pain.....oww
  4. Reason why BnS won't lose many players

    i enjoy the game. but the times you see me arguing with the haters on forums are when i not at a computer to play it =( (evil business trips. evil plane trips. no i don't want the airplane crackers!....w8 yes i do)
  5. While we understand the frustration about encountering bots within Blade & Soul, in order to limit the frustration when browsing the forums and seeing multiple threads about the same issue, we have begun merging duplicate topics together. Please read the Duplicate Topic Awareness pinned thread at the top of the forum for more details. If you would like to discuss bots, please head to this thread to continue your discussion: We appreciate your understanding... or lock6 said Hi, The good news about this is that it makes it easier for our detection to pick them up. We've made a lot of progress in this area and we're continuing to work on the bot issue as a top priority. There's no quick fix, but we're making progress. Hi, We're working on ways to prevent personal message spam on the forums, it's a constant battle and sometimes they sneak through. or hime (<3) As you all are aware, the bots in game is one of our top priorities. Bots will continue to evolve their tactics (as you have seen) and we also have to adjust to that as well and we are/are in the process. Please report any suspicious players to Customer Support and they will be able to investigate further and take the proper actions. We appreciate all reports that we receive, so please head over to the support page to submit a ticket: honestly, if it was me, i would have lost my mind after having to read through the repeated threads over and over. Hime could use a vacation~
  6. again. you avoid the question do you think NCsoft is doing nothing?
  7. and you think spam posting that NCsoft is doign nothing is going to improve the situation how? you think NCsoft is doing nothing? might as well lock the thread now.
  8. correct, a community moderator isn't an in game moderator. but guess what. they have to communicate with the same higher ups. for example. banning you for spamming crap on forums. is adding more time before the banning of a bot in game can be verified and processed (verified its an actual bot) now imagine if the forums were civil. we could reduce the number of community mods, and increase the number of game mods. oh w8. 3 more whine threads opened up. never mind, less game mods, more community mods it is. plus, you know how many false reports there are? people get reported as a "spammer" for being "undergeared" in a dungeon, or dying, or so on. so GMs have to check each one and see if they really a bot or not.
  9. uh no. i'm just tired of posting the quotes of NCsoft devs saying what they are doing. this time, instead of me doing the work of lookign up what they saying and doing. while you sit there and whine like an entitled ass. YOU can look it up. they've posted numerous times what they are doing. the PROBLEM is. they have to alternate between working to stop bots, and working to stop derailed, or flame war, or repetitive threads people like you keep posting. i'm saying you can LEAVE the game (something no rep would say) so that the game can improve a bit, by removing some of the negative elements. bots are a problem yes but they are made MORE of a problem when people make hundreds of threads complaining about them, and accusing NCsoft of doign nothing. its like a fire in a house, and your blocking the fireman from putting it out by complaining how long it took them to get here. if you get out of their way, they can spend more time fixing it. and less time moderating your crap
  10. don't believe me? don't believe NCsoft is trying to solve the problem? then leave. problem solved. if you have so many issues with the game and really think NCsoft is doing nothing about them. then stayign here contradicts yourself.
  11. you have common sense? saying bots outnumber players 3 to 1? thats a LITTLE much. fun fact, GMs are in game. they are doign what they can. but theres a seperate lobby for each dungeon. theres alot of boss locations(not to mention channels), and other places besides. not to mention monitoring each and every PvP match would be a nightmare. (include the fact that theres people who constantly falsely accuse others of cheating, exploiting, or using OP class. and vice versa in dungeons with people "being undergeared" or "dying" or "beign a noob") GMs are working, but they traveling from place to place. in addition, stopping bots is a long term problem NCsoft is looking into. simply banning just causes them to come back on new accounts. NCsoft is looking into ways to stop bots early on through monitoring behavior, naming conventions, and identifying them by what they spam. they've said as much over and over. they are not, as you think, sitting on their asses ignorign the game. they are infact doing all they can to stop bots present and in the future. which will take time. double so as the coders for the game who can make these changes perminent once they are done, are in a different country, speak a different language, and have to monitor their own version of the game as well. it doesn't help they have to continually go game to forum to remove spam threads and monitor idiotic posts or such that cause flame wars every 3 minutes. if the forums were more civil, NCsoft could reallocate alot more resources from moderating the forums, into combating in game. so gratz, YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM
  12. gratz NCsoft =D keep bringing the game over ^^ tis epic! P.S. plz ignore the haters like this
  13. New 50 lvl big update

    in the coming weeks. it hasn't been a week yet. so calm down. plus i don't think they work weekends(or at least sunday)
  14. How P2W is this game?

    % of game thats P2W 0% nothing you can buy to increase power with real money the game does have a pay to increase progress speed. but thats something that always exists in games.