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  1. An open letter about censorship

    there's a hint of irony there.. having "explicit" and "no censorship" in the same sentence :lol:
  2. Why all the hate for the westernization

    overall it was inconsistent moderating that escalated the "censorship" situation to unmanageable levels. in the "open discussion" thread, lastwriterstanding (one of the localisation team) would delete posts that weren't questions, which made it no longer an open discussion, but a q&a. some people did bring up valid points, but those posts got deleted simply because they didn't contain questions. then the censorship issue blew up and people got unhappy that their posts were being deleted. and now the topic has been unpinned and lastwriterstanding has disappeared without a word. though the idea of having a staff member doing a q&a on the forum was great, and some of the player posts were harsh, this is not a great way of engaging the community on a volatile topic. instead of having open q&as and pruning posts, they should have made a thread to gather questions, then answered the questions in a livestream or a separate thread. doing things in livestreams puts a face to the forum text as well. in the other threads regarding censorship, the mods let the trolls and derailers post and post without intervening, and when people were really unhappy with the thread and the whole issue in general, they locked the thread! my feeling is if they had recognised the danger, engaged earlier and warned people about keeping the discussion civil and relevant, things wouldn't have got to this level. sometimes an early little post/reminder (even if they say they need to look into it and have no answers at the moment) from a staff member can make it seem like the team are listening and paying attention, and cool the situation down a lot. and now, instead of calming people down and explaining they need to review their moderating guidelines, the staff have all disappeared and are no longer talking about the issue. while it appears that they were listening before (soha's voice work has apparently been changed for cbt3, will need to see when servers are up), this forum needs some hands-on moderating. and the dev tracker to be working (though strictly speaking, i've seen no devs here, just ncwest staff). and some of us feel the "moral guardian" standpoint that the localisation team took is a dealbreaker. we're not exactly here for family-friendly entertainment, so to speak, and if they took a 100% politically-correct approach to the content, there's no point in bringing this game here, because without any combat or story or skin, this game would be a game for 3 year-olds and have no bewbs blade or soul. i think in the end, it wasn't so much a "hate for westernisation", it was just not recognising a bad situation blowing up and subsequent bad handling of the forum.
  3. Open Discussion with English Localization

    click on your name at the top of the screen > manage ignore prefs.
  4. see cbt3 change notes, particularly: Localization Soha's voice has been changed and her dialogue has been rewritten​There may be some discrepancies with the voice over and text not matching which will be fixed in a later build hopefully they changed it for the better.
  5. Why all the hate for the westernization

    dude, you were the one who derailed the thread and went off-topic by saying "if you're not korean or know the culture, don't post." what divine right do you have to say who can or cannot post here? if this thread gets shut down, it's because you decided to go off tangent and make statements designed to elicit an emotional response i.e. trolling. and in case you start saying i'm not "qualified" to post, i speak mandarin and cantonese, and can understand some japanese. i spent more than half my life in asia and now live and work in europe. the reason i've not played the asian versions is 300+ ping. so, now that i've qualified myself to post, under BigJ01's almighty auspices (we should really be ignoring this person tbh), i'd like to state that people playing a game made by asians should expect asian elements. if you're going to take all the asian symbolisms out, you might as well call the game something else and market it appropriately. don't call it a "korean martial arts" mmo, call it a "fighting game with (uncensored) korean art direction but "western" ideas on what is appropriate".
  6. Why all the hate for the westernization

    my thoughts on this issue: - it's the reason behind the changes that i strongly disagree with. someone/some people in the localisation team felt "uncomfortable" with the existing content in the game because it dealt with cultural/gender/religious themes, so they changed it. - i don't need a game localisation team to be my moral guardian. i can decide for myself what complex modern-day issues i want to deal with, and i already do that plenty in real life. i don't need ncwest to hold my hand and treat me like i'm a kid or stupid. it's insulting. - i play a game to be challenged, both by the game's mechanics and by the themes raised in however much "story" there is. i really loved bioware because they dealt with many complex and moral issues through their games before EA came and destroyed everything. and now i see another "western" publisher (i don't know how detached ncwest is from korean ncsoft) trying to dumb a game down. chi -> "focus" i can understand. censoring quests because some people were "uncomfortable" and dumbing down the original content for the "western audience" is insulting. - so this was not so much the fact that there were some changes to the game. there WILL be changes over time, with patches/hotfixes/revamps, in any game. most people disagree with WHY the changes were made and just need to learn how to have a discussion without going off-topic. - of course, there will also be sheeple that contribute nothing and just derail discussions, and can't read news posts or pinned ->CUPCAKING READ THIS<- faqs, so i guess all "western" releases need dumbing down, because the people playing them are functionally cupcakes.
  7. sad? yes, totally. understandable? absolutely not. how can you accept something like this? a person with common sense would think, "why have they put a potentially offensive symbol into their game?" and do a bit of research google it, satisfy him/herself with an answer and carry on playing. what's the point of having a highly-evolved brain if you don't use it? please note, all instances of "you" in this post are not directed at any specific person, they are just generalised "you"s for rhetorical effect. if ncwest are really going to dumb down their game this much and remove symbolism that some people can actually appreciate just to suit the ignorant masses, i'm leaving. i'm not supporting a game publisher that promotes and enables stupidity by censoring other peoples' hard work.
  8. i only read through the opening post and skimmed through the rest. my thoughts: - original quest seems pretty funny - this game should have a mature esrb rating already - some people are taking this game waaaaaaaaay too seriously - some people are taking the actions of the localisation team waaaaaaaaay too seriously - if the behaviour of people in this thread represented everybody, humanity would have destroyed itself sometime yesterday. thank RNGesus and the lord gaben this is just a game forum - i don't need ncwest to be my moral guardian - but it's their game, so they can do what they want with it - poor korean dev who wrote the original questline. bet he never would have thought that the "western audience" would be so overbearingly politically-correct that they would castrate his work - i don't need random people on a cupcaking game forum to be my moral guardians - and if you're complaining about this quest objectifying women.. really? bet you haven't seen the torpedo bewbs or the unrealistic proportions or the tits-and-ass parade - you're the customer, you do what you want with your money - if this is the game community i'm joining, i'll think about getting a refund
  9. bdo is gonna be buy2play and launching in q1 2016. give us a launch date for bns please, ncsoft!
  10. it wouldn't be so bad if the cross-server network architecture would support letting people join the dungeon mid-run. in any case, make some friends and have a clan to prevent the problem (or invite them to join if someone leaves? not sure if this is a feature). as for penalties, chances are it won't do its job of discouraging leavers; people will just go afk or leave anyway. and it might penalise someone who had a technical issue. i've not experienced this so far so i don't know if there is a rejoin feature for someone who DCs or crashes.
  11. drakor: what midoriko said, and if you have access to the wardrobe, you can actually preview all the costumes. and yes, it would be so nice if they would have account-bound costumes, and there are loads of other threads talking about this, but i doubt it will be a feature in this game. what pissed me off was getting a costume that i could use on another character, but i couldn't even send it because it was bound to a character that couldn't use it. even if they don't make it tradeable on the market, AT LEAST let me send it to another character of mine.
  12. Crafting system reasonable?

    as someone who's not played on other versions of the game before, i found the crafting system unintuitive and confusing at first compared to many other games i've played. systems like warframe, gw2 and swtor, though very different from each other, made sense very quickly once you figured the interface out. even vinderptus, with its focus on combat and power creep, had a crafting system that could be understood quickly. i found myself having to watch some youtube videos to understand how the BnS system worked, and even then i still wasn't sure what the point was. resource gathering nodes take so long to refresh, and the fact that you need a clan to craft endgame items just makes it too much work. but like it has been mentioned above, there isn't much to do in this game besides fighting and staring at jiggly bewbs, so i guess crafting was a bit of an afterthought when the devs made the game.
  13. so a gon outfit dropped from a mini-dungeon on my lyn. a bit silly that it is bound and i can't send it to my destroyer. seems to be the case for all outfit drops, judging from the outfit that my lyn is currently wearing. why have race-bound outfits drop for another race and make them untradeable?
  14. Remove GameGuard

    but we need to please the lord gaben..