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  1. Both outfits are available now in the Hongmoon Store for 1199 Hongmon Pts/Ncoins. They will be here until May 20. Midnight Detective Wintertide Wintertide costumes comes with a Scarf but you are not charged extra for it.
  2. Hey all, the Hongmoon Store was updated today with 3 new costumes. There are no removal date so they are likely to stay in the Hongmoon Store for a long time. Chronicle - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins Prime Time - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins Strange Allure - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins
  3. Don't see a post about these two new costumes yet in the Hongmoon Store. They will be here until April 22. Cobalt Captain - Comes with First Mate Head adornment - 1399 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins White Night - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins
  4. Devotion - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins ($15 USD). Available until April 8 Traveler - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins ($15 USD). Available until April 8
  5. Oops, I took the pics from the Taiwan servers, let me fix that up :p
  6. Hey all, today's L50 patch brought in a bunch of new costumes that can be both acquired ingame and from the Hongmoon store in the future. Likely to be released in Hongmoon Store Spirit of Bamboo - This was highly requested by players even though it did not win the contest Devotion - Maid like outfit for females, black suit for males Snowy Night - Keep warm in silverfrost mountains Traveler Drops Ingame Balrok Raiment - Drops off the world boss in Frostscale Basin area as well the wheel of fate. Looks awesome with some lace bits. Sea
  7. Just a crest of the rising sun for today...
  8. It used to be called First Love's Kiss, got renamed
  9. Dreamcutter - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins ($15 USD) - Cannot be salvaged White Hot - 1199 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins ($15 USD) Bow Before me - 399 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins ($5 USD)
  10. The Great General - Male only - 1399 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins ($17.5 USD) Comes with The Great General's Crest head adornment Empress's New Clothes - Female only - 1399 Ncoins/Hongmoon Coins ($17.5 USD) Comes with The Empress's New Crown head adornment Both costumes will be available until March 11.
  11. Nothing new was added to the wardrobe with this update and Hongmoon Store doesn't have anything new :( Only ones in wardrobe that are not yet released are these Wind God/Thunder God - These are from Naryu Lab in March 2 update Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse - Female only, I think the Solar Eclipse will be available from the vendor in front of Naryu Lab, Lunar version could be purchased using tokens from Mushin Floor 8? Dream Cutter/Cobalt Captain - This could be released on Friday I suppose when they remove Showgirl/Crimson Tide Empress's New Clothes -
  12. This is wrong, they specifically said on the livestream we are getting the Korea storm legendary weapons and NOT the Taiwan Dragon Tiger legendary weapon. The guy specifically named Dragon Tiger legendary and said we are not getting that.
  13. You can get Hongmoon coins via the currency exchange now via gold
  14. The Hongmoon store was updated today with three new costumes. White Sandraider- 1199 Ncoin ($15 USD) Demon Maw - 1199 Ncoin ($15 USD) Best Friend - RNG Box via Hongmoon Store Tab only (39 Hongmoon Coins each)
  15. I took the ingame pics on Taiwan, so it is censored slightly in NA/EU
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