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  1. We need credd like system in bns or ...

    The NCoin you purcase is converted to hongmoon coins, so yu can't buy premium with it
  2. FTP vs PTP

    I wouldn't mind a one time payment to play. If it was subscription based I wouldn't play (Unless I paid for 30 days of play time, and it didn't just cound october 1st to november 1st, but actual play time).
  3. Definitely * and I don't think they should, just run it with friends or do a pug and get experience and money that way, you could get more depending on items dropped and if people need them
  4. Weapon Skins

    I disagree, I paid $170 for the pack, the least I could ask for would be being able to reuse the skins on my account. It wouldn't make them less rare, since I could only use one character at a time. Not to mention that of course you're going to see more of the skins near launch, since all of the master pack owners will be playing a lot.
  5. Suggestion: Stamina Regen

    It's worded in such a way that it sounds like your chi for using skills, they should probably clarify that a little :p
  6. Suggestion: Stamina Regen

    No it doesn't, premium reduces chi regeneration when you die
  7. In-game lag ?

    They can't imagine they will be sadly, since the EU Cbt starts on the third weekend
  8. About Next Weekend 2nd alpha test...

    Because it could be caused by a corrupted file or something, you want to delete it so it would redownload GG
  9. Inventory Expansion

    There is a bar that appears once you click to confirm, you just have to give it a few seconds after clicking the confirmation
  10. This happened to my friend and myself, once we had bought a couple of the premium item we were no longer able to access the shop.
  11. Word cencor on clan name?

    Censored* And I haven't seen anything get censored yet so it seems weird that they would censor the word crack
  12. Wardrobe* and I agree, it shouldn't be tied to premium.
  13. Bidding system

    I prefer this system, need/greed people would usually just roll for it even if they didn't need it. If someone wants to do that with the bidding system, everyone benefits with some extra money
  14. About Next Weekend 2nd alpha test...

    Did you try deleting the game guard folder and then starting the game so it redownloads it?