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  1. I'm actually really upset with this survey outfits. The only two outfits I saw a lot of and that I know were popular are Midnight Detective and Class Act. However, Wintertide and Shadowguard, I rarely ever saw those outfit. I saw them once in a blue moon and now people wanted those back?!?! I feel like Chime should have come back or anything else besides those two. I guess we'll see how much they'll sell...but if they didn't do good the first time, they probably won't do good again.
  2. I have...zero clue what to do to get started in Midnight Skypetal Plains. At first, the only thing I learned was press F7 and join...i rarely, if ever saw someone host. Then I saw in faction chat someone was hosting MSP. I yelled "FINALLY" only to be told everytime, "sorry, req. 650 ap for Stage #" and I'm like "great this has an ap req too?!" So yea...I have zero clue on how to even play MSP when it's either no one wants to have a party or people want an ap requirement on a 24 man that..came..out...today....*sigh* BTW, I'm WL 600 ap
  3. I started using helix since I heard it's all around better and I see why, however I have started using dragoncall since I just think its more fun and cooler looking and I can keep up with a lot of parties in dps. So I was just wondering IS dragoncall lesser, equal, or better in dps versus helix? With helix I get around...8k damage in 4 mans while with dragoncall I get 10-11k. I could be messing up helix rotation or it could be because I don't have HM Volley, I dont know. I'm not really good at talking but: Build: https://bnstree.com/tree/WL?b=rJqBYl_Zx I have 574 ap, 55
  4. People sell presets? And thank you! People think they're sexy? Lol I'll take it XD thank you!
  5. I recently changed my female Jin WL to female Lyn and I adore lyn, however if I ever wanted to change back to Jin due to outfit looks, I was wondering does anyone have a good looking african american jin preset? I only make black characters simply due to the fact I'm black irl and making a female white jin with blue eyes just doesn't fit my style. This is just a simple request really to share African American presets :D For references (if it matters) my lyn :D My Destroyer (RIP): My Jin WL (RIP):
  6. Also, would it be better to just farm Bloodshade or get it from achievement point shop? All I know is that route is 300G+ or so.
  7. Destroyer due to me liking to cc and tank partially, but also seeing when I do damage, I do DAMAGE!
  8. I have been playing Bns not as much as I used to because either I don't know how to farm well or I am going in all different directions on what to do and it's confusing the living hell out of me. Let me explain... I am maining my destroyer alt since I have gotten bored of my summoner for the moment. I need to level my True Siren Axe, which I am thinking would be a bit easier to do since of the level 50 patch and so on. Well recently, I have gotten the destro to level 50 and I was thinking "is finishing the story mode even worth it, since I get no exp from it except towards HM level
  9. MY WALLET CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE, PLEASE NCSOFT!! Wait until I get paid then release these outfits like the hounds!
  10. Oh yay! My name is Tavi or Taviera by the way!
  11. Maaaaaan (or woman) I hope so lol
  12. Would you mind having a level 47 destroyer? Because I was going to level her but...ya know, I got bored. I can sure drop you a message though! Thank you !
  13. I will have to try to join something a bit more social...tysm <3
  14. I'm on poharan server... :( Thank you for the offer though!
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