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  1. MFW OP doesn't link the full page. PS: That picture is related to an event on Korea celebrating Mid Autumn Festival...EVERY region besides us and TW celebrate it. Sooooo..nope no fan class. Just horrible misinformation and possibly trolling. Move on. EDIT: Oh and ya the actual mid autumn festival has lots of lanterns fans etc etc so...you're all being trolled hard if you believe this or just need to learn more of other cultures before making speculations..Have a nice day. :D
  2. 6v6 is NOT Pay2Win. PVE is. But NOT PVP.

    <-----get's credit on my 520 AP BM. <----BM is on most populated server. (Mushin) <----Does not see the issue at all.
  3. Whirlwind Valley Equalized Gear?

    Well, sure, NA can change if it if it wants, they just have to label themselves as no longer a part of NCSoft, make themselves a private server, and then probably get sued. AKA: They can't change anything without KR's word on it and if they get it changed, KR will change it for the other regions, now will KR ruin already established regions for us? Certainly not. So give up on the matter and have a nice day.
  4. Whirlwind Valley Equalized Gear?

    Uhm? I said "other regions" Korea, China, TW and JP all have bopae / gear that is more beneficial for PvP..did you not read that part?
  5. Whirlwind Valley Equalized Gear?

    And make all the PvP legendary accessories and weapons that other regions have useless? (Why don't we have these?) Yeah...nope~
  6. Tips for Whirlwind Valley

    Oh yay some logic about this battleground. Thank you for the post, was a good read.
  7. Whirlwind Valley Equalized Gear?

    Insert obligatory Git Gud here. Seriously, go do tower of infinity and invest in a 6v6 set. They're not going to change what has a ranking and is set in stone in Korea, just for us. PS: They're going to release a second battleground soon and that will also be gear enabled, have fun, with much love, from Korea. <3
  8. Whirlwind Valley Parties

    Or we could just..you know..be like Korea and just vote for everyone so everyone has 1 vote each and the MVP reward is split. But why would we do something that's beneficial to "EVERYONE" when "ME" is all that matters to the West, right? :D
  9. Possible to do 4 man Mast with just 500ap?

    Yes it can be done, a friend of mine and I were joking around saying we should grab 2 others that we know, equip shit tier weps and accessories to have around 500 AP then just 4man the entire thing.
  10. why is zulia censored?

    It's neither and intentional. I've already explained the reason. It's part of the LORE. That outfit is a slightly altered version of the OFFICIAL WARLOCK MASTER uniform. Can we move on now? Change was story based, not censorship or whatever.
  11. why add a dps meter?

    If there is one thing I can't wrap my head around..its that why is it that eastern players don't misuse this tool but western players as evident in other games most certainly will? In Korea they don't look at your dps or your AP only. They either look at your collective stats as a whole or trust your word when they ask for experienced and you say you are. Of course in Korea you'll probably be name and shamed and rejected from future parties if you lie..but why would you lie? Also no they don't ask to link achievement because they're smart enough to think if you're on an alt or not...why can't western players be more like this?... /Rant end.
  12. Naksun vs classes

    Warlock video of me doing it here.
  13. Blade & Soul KR *New Content*

    Stage 4 5 and 6 turtle are zerg fests? Were you playing on China? Maybe that's why you think that? Ok what about Black Skyskraper? That also requires 0 coordination? o.o
  14. Blade & Soul KR *New Content*

    No its not, you can see Poh in the same cutscene behind the grand admiral. (the guy who blocks the bombs thrown at them.)
  15. Blade & Soul KR *New Content*

    BnS has had real raids since Turtle raid (midnight SSP, the one we're getting at the end of this year.) @Everyone else addressing the NPC as a class. No, its an npc, probably Pohwaran's sister. Considering the Grand Admiral (present in act 7 storyline.) was present in that teaser alongside Pohwaran herself.