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  1. Cannot connect to server(200)

    Thank you for reporting this issue: Please refer to this post or
  2. ERROR "Cannot connect to server.(200)"

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, We understand your frustrations of trying to play Blade and Soul, and we understand that you may have already tried these steps, it would be appreciated if we can make sure they have been completed so everyone is on the same page. 1) Log into your ncsoft account here 2) Click on "Apply a Code" tab 3) Click on "Blade and Soul" tab 4) Check if there is any items listed under that 5) Hit Apply if there is a key listed 6) Attempt to login to game again If the above steps do not resolve your login issue, please submit a ticket with our Customer Service here Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  3. No way to gain soulstones in game anymore?

    Thanks, guys, for this report! We are aware of this, and it is being looked into.
  4. Q and E are actually additional skill keys (different for each class) by default, and not ideal to replace. you can turn your character by moving your mouse if you play in B&S mode. If you wish to rebind them, you will need to move the binds for "Strafe Left" and "Strafe Right" (in Skill section of Key Binding) to other keys first. the Number 1 and Number 3 that you are referring to are for 3v3 Arena Tag Match order selection and are actually Shift+Q, and Shift+E Hope this helps
  5. error 4049

    Thank you again, bloom, for the prompt response Rest assure that you are not being ignored, we are looking into this issue.
  6. Stuck in a spot.

    Thank you for reporting this, we are actually investigating related "stuck" issues. Here are some tips to help you unstuck in case you run into these situations in the future Solution A ) Use double tap backwards to force move out. Solution B ) If Solution A doesn't work you can use the escape function (the "unstuck feature for Blade and Soul). To access this simply hit Esc on your keyboard or click on the System menu located at the bottom right hand side of the UI by default, then select "Escape". Please note that there is a cooldown on this function. Hopefully this helps ;)
  7. error 4049

    Thank you for the response, bloom Just to confirm, I understand that you have tried the above steps mentioned I know that you do not have this issue with Lineage 2, Lineage 2 uses a different build of GameGuard specific to that game. Generally error 4049 issues are related to GameGuard not being able to start properly or something is preventing it from starting properly, and not GameGuard closing or blocking something else. So for this specific issue, it may have to due with something not likeing GameGuard. That was the reason why I suggested disabling any Anti-Virus so we can assess this issue. I am trying to evaluate what is preventing GameGuard from starting and giving you that error, so I can have a better understanding on how to solve this issue for you. This issue is also generally solved by either disabling/whitelisting/uninstalling any Anti-Virus programs and then either reinstalling GameGuard or the game altogether. I apologize if that did not solve your issue on this specific case. Which OS are you running on that system? So i can note that down in my report and continue our investigations.
  8. Weissdorn, glad you have this issue resolved. Hope to see you in game in the future :)
  9. error 4049

    Hello Bloom, We are still investigating this issue. We understand your frustration and that you are excited to play Blade and Soul. Could you assist us by trying out a few things? 1) Disable any anti-virus you may have installed on your system, this could possibly be conflicting with GameGuard. 2) Go to the bin folder of your Blade and Soul installation and delete the GameGuard folder, GameGuard should redownload itself it it is not detected 3) The combination of 1) and 2) Sincerely hope this helps, we understand that TA1 servers are now closed, but please report back to see if you can at least launch the game.
  10. Thank you for reporting this. If this problem still persists, could you provide a screenshot of the error you are getting? For reference, playbns servers are pirated servers and are not affiliated with NCSOFT, and are not supported by NCSOFT.
  11. Stuck in tutorial if you die

    Thank you for the response, Navyan Would you happend to have a screenshot of the location that you died at? If not, don't worry about it. Thank you again.
  12. Stuck in tutorial if you die

    Hey Navyan, Jumping or Gliding off Heaven's Reach should eventually kill you after a short time. Have you tried pressing the 4 key to release and resurrect? Thanks