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  1. You didn't read my thoughts on the matter, as that's important to why the results look the way they do. "Plenty of oils and prem stones if you want them -- i mostly took EXP charms or evo stones instead over them." I could have had 60+ oils/prem stones if I wanted them, but i chose to pick EXP Charms in almost every case that oils/prems dropped.. cause it was either 1 prem stone, 1 oil, or 3million exp. I chose the 3 million exp. I posted the results & the notes so that people wouldn't get confused on why there is such a lack of oils and prem stones in that list. You can watch the
  2. Just not worth buying in almost all cases. Too many are needed, they are on rare crits, and take the spot of a prem stone / sacred oil...
  3. Did 2000 trove keys and normally post on Reddit. This time around, my thread got removed so I moved it over to here. Anyways, here are the results of 2000 keys that I opened today on stream. My Goals prior to trove: Obtain plenty of Legendary Jewels to max the newest set of accessories (which i farm on 2 characters) Obtain both Gilded Triangle gems and have enough gem powders/fragments to make 1 triangle Amber (having only an octa amber) and 1 triangle Diamond (having 3 octa diamonds) Obtain a LOT of moonstones, moonstone crystals, sacred orbs, and evolved stones.
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