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  1. Just finished The Way of the Force Master: Part 1. While I was talking to the NPC, he said he was an expert Summoner trainer and that he'd have me and my familiar powered up in no time (or something to that effect). I assume it just gave me the text for the wrong class. EDIT: Canceled out of the conversation so I could grab a screenshot:
  2. To clarify, I don't have a problem with "needing to loot" a dead enemy, and I do appreciate the fact that the loot command is on the keyboard instead of needing to click on the enemy's corpse. What is a huge pain, though, is pressing F to loot, then pressing F again to "grab the loot". I can't count how many times I've walked away from a corpse after "looting" it but not getting any items, then having to walk back and double loot the corpse again. Can't we just make it one command? It doesn't even have to be a thing that's on all the time. Make it a setting that can be configured. I can only see 2 situations where this might be a problem. First is if your bag is full, in which case, we can basically revert the loot to how it is now. You'd just need to free up space in your bag and then you can grab the item. The other issue would be in a Master Looter type scenario if you were with a group, but that's another case that could be prepared for (and might already be different, I haven't done any group content yet).
  3. Unable to launch Closed Beta Test

    Could be your antivirus. Do you have Norton? I do and I had the exact same problem. Short version is, Norton assumes the file is untrustworthy because of the small number of installs and it automatically deleted the client.exe file from the install. I did this and it worked for me: 1. Open the launcher and click to repair the install. Don't launch the game without doing the other steps first (this is important, because it will delete the files automatically if you do) 2. While this is going, open your antivirus software. Find the settings for automatic protection. Make sure that nothing is set to remove threats automatically. I was able to set mine to "ask me." 3. Once the launcher repairs your install, go ahead and try launching it. If anything pops up to ask you about potential threats coming from the NCSOFT directory, allow them.
  4. I had this issue happen to me as well and was about to post it to this forum as well. For me, the problem was with my firewall/antivirus software. I have Norton, and it recognized the BnS_CBT Lite Installer.exe as a malicious file and automatically removed it from my computer without my asking. I had to manually override this, re-download the installer file, and I was able to launch it just fine. I'm assuming it's just because the file itself is so new and has so few people with it installed in their system, but it's the kind of thing that can really turn people off from the game if they're not even able to install the launcher from the get-go. EDIT: I've gone through my history and grabbed some screenshots in case it's helpful to anyone. This is what I saw when I checked my Norton's history. You can see it automatically removed the program. Clicking on More Options gave me this: From here I was able to override Norton and restore the file to its original location in the Downloads directory of my web browser. From there, I just relaunched the .exe file and the launcher fired up right away.