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  1. If this was going to change, they would have changed it pre-launch. There was enough of a backlash about it then too. One thing to keep in mind with these games and game companies; regression is very difficult to pull off, progression is almost guaranteed. Even if an idea is a bad one, you will rarely see it rolled back on a "live product", usually a company will double down or add something to balance the problems if the bother addressing them at all.
  2. Almost every implementation has been flawed. I've refunded $125 Master pack and after today, if I can't log in due to not paying their log in tax, I'll just spend my time somewhere else. We argued these points before launch, now the product isn't going to change, so we're all stuck with what's available. I hope this game and NC does well, they'll just do it without monetary support from me.
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