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  1. I have been farming for the Merry Potter Moonwater Technique since the first day I reached lv 45. Now, as I count the amount of brightstone weapon chests I have, I have ran the Brightstone ruin dungeon for more than 42 times and I have not seen the Merry Potter Technique drop. This is really frustrating and I think the drop rate for the Moonwater techniques is WAY TOO LOW. Please consider to make the drop rate a bit higher because 42 times is way too much....
  2. There is a bug in the quest where when you try to get up to the roof, you cannot move forward once you are on the roof. You just kind of stuck there. Please fix it because it is really annoying.
  3. I am stuck at 43lv and I have done all the main and side quests when I was leveling and have also done a lot of dailies. I think the main and side quests should provide us with enough exp to get us to 45. I don't even know what should I do right now to get to 45lv. I have done all the 4 main Moonwater dungs and I still have 90000 more exp. to go T T. Also, I am so poor that I cannot even get the crafting materials I ordered = =. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I am not sure it is suppose be like that or not and I don't really see the fiction chat of the whole. I didn't see any fiction chat when I was lower level maps. It seems like that it only shows the fiction chat in the map that you are currently in. I thought that if you say something on the fiction channel, all the fiction members, no matter where you are, will be able to see it.
  5. My screen turned black when I got disconnected from the server and cannot exit if I do not use the task manager...
  6. Error 4049

    Problem solved!!! Go to the known issues tab and if doing all that does not work, then you probably had trouble downloading the GameGuard for some reason like I did. To solve this issue, Delete the GameGuard folder in the Blade and Soul Directory, and then re-launch the game. Please do not Request Personal Information
  7. Error 4049

    When I try to run the client, there is a small window saying that a thing called GameMon.npz and when it reaches about 2/3 of the way a message saying "The game client encountered an error while running. Shutting down the game client.(4049.)" What should I do o fix this?? Helpppppp!!!!
  8. I was trying to install the game and it tells me that the installation is successful. But then when I went into the BnS CBT folder within the NCSOFT folder, there is only a shortcut file and a icon file and nothing else is in there. I don't know what is wrong since when I uninstalled the whole thing and tried to reinstall number of time nothing changed. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I can open the Icon of CBT on my desktop but after I login and click on update it just stays at 0% and nothing happens. There is nothing wrong with my internet or anything else so I don't know what is going on T T
  9. NCSOFT Installation Error

    just copy and paste the link into your browser and then it will download
  10. It says that it is a "Breakthrough Material", but actually it is not.
  11. The "Acquired from" should be Chapter 27: Sacrifices Must Be Made instead of Chapter 17.
  12. There are 2 Black Tiger under the festival tap of the Wardrobe
  13. There are not Lake Salt Crystal that cannot be gathered. You can see it is there but you cannot get it. There are about 2 of those that are like this. (This quest is in the map of The Scorching Sands)
  14. I got disconnected from the server while I was at the Crimson Command Post in The Scorching sands. After I went online again the Red faction quests (I completed all of them already before I was disconnect) appeared again. I looked at my Contribution points and I didn't lose any of them. And I tried to get the quest from the NPCs again and it won't let me (I clicked on the Accept but nothing happens).