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  1. Is there a reason why you're giving players who crafted them, sold them, and made a profit a refund? Shouldn't players who bought them at a ridiculous price to upgrade their gear be the ones getting a refund? I don't see the logic behind this.
  2. [Suggestion] Ladder Times

    I agree, we need a bigger window to pvp, especially 3v3
  3. A Quick Update From Nico

    Bring frontier to NA
  4. RNG wall within first 30min of gameplay

    I don't understand, weapon upgrades were never meant to be handed to you just because you're a new player. I do agree with you on the part that these weapon chests always screw you over on your class-specific weapon. You seem to have gotten really bad luck from what it seems. There's always people trading class specific weapons in that area for their classic specific weapon in front of the wheel or talking in zone chat. I don't think it's a really big deal, when i first started off as a new player, i remember farming for that weapon from the roulette with my friends, it was pretty fun.
  5. LBM with high ping ?

    I've been playing BNS for a couple of years now (Includes foreign servers) and the honest truth is that every class is ping dependent, some more than other. Blade Dancers is an extremely ping dependent class no matter what anyone else says, to enjoy the full extent of the BD class you must have below 50-60 ping and that's cutting it really close.I played this class in foreign servers and i main this class in NA http://bnscoffee.com/character/NA/Pomf . You're not going to enjoy playing blade and soul with high ping PERIOD especially when it's that high. The best you could do is play maybe a warlock or summoner even tho they're also ping dependent classes, you just can't feel it as bad as if you were playing a melee class. No matter what you do to try and improve your gameplay with 200ms, you're still going to be doing extremely low dps compared to other BD's with native ping not to mention almost everyone in your party. I played BD's with 200ms in foreign servers just like you (China, Japan) so trust me when i tell you this, your DPS will always be lower than most if not all of your party members, you'll always struggle with i-framing mob attacks and suffer with slow ani-cancel, flicker, sunder speed. Blade & Soul is meant to be played with low ping, that's just how the combat system was created. This game was imported from Korea where they have the best internet in the world where they play with <5ms. If you don't mind any of the things i said above then continue playing and have fun with your friends, but if you truly want to enjoy and play the game then i suggest playing on the EU server :).
  6. Can't store this outfit in the warehouse because it's not listed.
  7. 3V3 Camera bug

    When you tag in a 3v3 match, it zooms up your camera all the way up to your character and you have to manually zoom out every single time.
  8. Emoticons and Poh Perfume

    Poh Perfume item name does not match the name it inputs into the auction house when you ctrl+right click ( i believe is the hotkey to link item name to Auction House). When you hover over emoticons it says you can do " /emoticonanme" but typing it does nothing.
  9. Vote for B&S in MMO Reader's Choice Awards!

    twenty....one votes away........
  10. Vote for B&S in MMO Reader's Choice Awards!

    Soooo close... now... you guys can vote daily if you didn't know!
  11. Collective "What we want!" BnS post

    LOL... what the hell... what is this.... archeage ? get that baloney out of here.