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  1. This is really getting old.

    I've never had any on my main which I created back during early access but I've had them on my alts as well as those annoying whispers. It seems like you get added to some "list" if you make a new character and they spot it, but if you have an old character you get left alone. Or maybe I'm wrong and it's just completely random who they target.
  2. Progress? What has Been done the past few months?

    There are hackers outside of arena as well, and you can tell if NCsoft has banned them because you still see them running around if they haven't been banned and that's as far as I go because I'm done arguing with white knight. Enjoy your broken game.
  3. Progress? What has Been done the past few months?

    No, but there are some things they CAN disable. For example; make it so you don't get prestige by killing people with machine guns. Hackers going around killing people with machine guns using their teleport hacks and you can't report them cuz they were those masks that hide your name. Obviously disabling features inconveniences players, but it's funny how they only seem to disable to that inconveniences ONLY players. My position is that they shouldn't have disabled photo upload. They should get rid of the abusers, not the thing being abused. Since that doesn't seem to be their philosophy, then I say we do it the NCSoft way. Some consistency is all I'm asking for. I'm opposed to adding a kick feature to dungeons but since NCsoft can't do anything about bots then they should add one.
  4. Progress? What has Been done the past few months?

    Banning hackers - There have been /hackers who have been reported for weeks and haven't been banned. Afk issues - A lot of the afk players are bots making money off of loot auctions. Spam by gold sellers - This is one of the few areas they have improved. There are fewer spammers than there used to be. Friend request by spammers - Where can you do this? Skill translations - Seems like everything is a lot fo work for them. Like updating Soha's voice actress. Voice acting - I think the issue here is just how LONG it is taking for them to fix the problems, yet releasing new content takes no time at all. NCsoft should focus on fixing the game in it's current state, not adding content which only adds EVEN MORE problems for players to complain about, which gets added to their workload.
  5. Progress? What has Been done the past few months?

    This is stuff I was saying months ago. They disable photo uploading cuz a few players are abusing it but they don't do anything to inhibit bots from abusing certain features. People were defending NCSoft back then. Where are all the white knights now? NCSoft only seems to care about ruining things for legit players.
  6. NCsoft if you can't control the stupid bot/hacking problem then you need to at least make it harder for them. I've seen hackers teleport into groups and kill a bunch of people and you can't even report some of them cuz they're wearing those masks that change their names to "Unidentified cerulean/crimson member". If you're not going to do that, then at least make it so you don't get prestige for killing someone with those weapons. There are hackers just farming players in soulstone and buying soulstones with the prestige. You want to know why your games keep failing NCSoft? IT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T LISTEN TO PLAYER FEEDBACK. If you don't do anything about this and the numerous other problems this game will fail just like the others. IMO it already has.
  7. Too all those LAME high AP dungeon requests ...

    The thing is most high attack power people have invested much more time and effort into the game, so it really is kind of an indicator of skill. At least they tend to do better than the average noob who refused to upgrade past true profane. Not to mention I've seen people as low as 267 trying to do Yeti. That is simply not acceptable. People want fast clears and to avoid the player lottery since these dungeons apparently have no entry requirements.
  8. Why this game love Ranged classes ?

    I love when that mobs that drops the 5000 gold pouch spawns in Soulstone Plains and I can't hit him cuz he constantly moves around, meanwhile all the ranged players constantly hit him and I get no credit. Great game design.
  9. SERIOUSLY, faction.

    Actually back during the beta blue was most active in Misty Woods and a lot of good players joined blue cuz they thought it would be underpop and said "more players to kill" so a lot of initial blues were more interested in OWPVP than many of the reds. After the beta there was a topic asking people which faction they wanted to join and most of them wanted to join blue cuz they felt red was bad at open world PVP. So because of this there seemed to be more hardcore PVPers in blue faction that were active in misty woods. I joined blue from the start for this reason. I figured red would have a higher pop but I thought blue would have the most skilled players. I was there since the beginning and I remember the channels being just as populated with red, if not more. But that changed VERY fast. People seemed to start joining blue in droves cuz we kept going channel to channel killing reds and then most would give up at the first sign of trouble and leave the channel, making room for more blues. They seemed to have more of the sorts that just wanted to have fun and do their dailies and not have to worry about PVP, so when a fight broke out they would just leave the channel. I remember how relentlessly we hunted them down and me and some other people discovered how to get up into their base and pull people down and went around sharing it with people, and we just kept killing them and killing them. My goal and I think the goal of other blue at the time was to try and gain dominance so we could control all the channels. It worked and crimson lost the battle. I went and made an alt in red and it was just nonstop whining and people saying they were going to blue or knew people that went to blue and that they were going to blue to play with their friends. As more reds who were interested in open world PVP joined blue it became very hard for red to hold a channel. Then the F2P horde and bots came in filling up red and leaving only a few good players left. People started mocking red and making jokes about them being only bots. That's how blue gained dominance. If you're on Mushin then red is simply not the faction to join if you want to do open world PVP. It really was/is a case of red being overall "bad". Edit: I think it's not just "group players" in Cerulean, but rather cerulean is just more unified. I mostly play solo and join random parties if I can, but most of the time I would just go where the action was at and that's how a lot of Ceruleans are. People would shout in faction and then ceruleans would come in. I remember going into a channel with about 20 reds farming and being like "bunch of reds in ch x" and then a group of ceruleans would come in and we would wipe then out. Usually with lesser numbers cuz half of them would leave at the first sign of trouble like I said. If we were losing then usually they would type in faction and more and more people would come until we won.
  10. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    I just imagine this: If I spam the forums with spam, spam, lots of spam, how long until it gets deleted? If they can control spam on the forums then they can control bots in arena. I would argue the latter is more important but hey, what do i know? They're the experts, clearly. There's a good starting point: get rid of gameguard because it doens nothing but interfere with legit players using legitimate programs.
  11. Blade & Soul is dying

    White knights will be white knights; willfully ignorant. They want to stay in their little bubble where everything is just fine, but you're too intelligent to delude yourself. There, there... give me a hug big boy.
  12. Blade & Soul is dying

    It was pretty bad at launch but after a few months the bots were pretty rare. Then they made it harder for them to whisper you and it was usually only like 2-3 whisper per day and that was it. On excal i would play 8 hours a day and get no whispers sometimes. I've seen more bots in blade and soul in one day than i have the entire time I played FFXIV. At least on diabolos and especially on excalibur it was extremely rare to encounter bots in the open world, and if you insist otherwise I call BS. I played final fantasy 14 for thousands of hours since beta up until a few months after heavensward. FFXIV was a little less exploitable cuz there were fewer tradeable items but the bots were running rampant in towns and in the field for the first couple months. They did a lot to stop the bots and were very vocal with the community regarding their plans to stop the bots. We're a couple months into release and NCSoft has pretty much done nothing.
  13. Blade & Soul is dying

    Bots were never a problem in ffxiv before they added the kick feature. Bots woudl spam and spam in towns but SE stopped them. It became extremely rare to see a bot shouting. SE made it extremely difficult for them to send tells to players by putting restrictions on tells. The bots in the open world had to hide underground and use teleport hacks to avoid being caught cuz SE was so good at banning them. No, you are wrong. Not every game has a bot problem this bad. I have played quite a several MMOs, but not an NCSoft game, and NCSoft has demonstrated their ability to handle bots, or lack thereof. There are other games that don't have a bot problem nearly this bad and they don't use gameguard. This is absolutely pathetic that a company as large as NCSoft has not made a statement regarding the bot situation. Stop white knighting NCSoft and look at the reality of the situation. Your blind loyaly to NCSoft is not going to get you anywhere. It's not about getting RID of the bots, it's about CONTROLLING them, and right now NCSoft is doing NOTHING, but if we keep complaining MAYBE they'll see the $$$ going away and actually decide to do something.

    The bots actually change their outfits so they blend in with real players. You can sometimes see them in that monkey place as well as forsaken crash site. The level 45 bots usually use profane axe. Not awakened profane or true profance but JUST profane. The red and black one. The bots in 3v3 can be any class and they will just afk, but they might be legit players deranking. You can tell if they randomly swap in or swap out. They are programmed to do that every so often. At least some of them are.
  15. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    So I had a topic regarding bots locked on the forums here. I find it amusing that they can hire someone to sit here at 3AM to manage the forums, but they can't hire someone to get rid of the BOTS. At least in arena. They could at least ban the arena bots. The bots would need to be at least level 15 or whatever to enter the arena and they won't be able to do nearly as much damage if they could catch them before they reach 45. FFS most of these bots are level 45.