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  1. Hard spikes - fps droping

    bumping so NCSoft can see this
  2. Hard spikes - fps droping

    Wow, thanks, this fixed my problem. Holy cow. NCSoft needs to fix this, I ALWAYS RUN THESE PROGRAMS.
  3. Hard spikes - fps droping Getting this as well, I have a i7-4970k 4.0ghz 8gb RAM 1866 770 GTX 358.50 driver update Windows 10 Home Edition When I was searching online it looks like Blade and Soul does not work well with windows 8 and above? I wonder if a dev will post here about this? I asked people in game, and there are people running this on windows 10 just fine, so that isn't the problem. I had MSI afterburner on and noticed that my "Frame buffer" keeps going up and down while playing the game, not sure if this help, but more information.
  4. Hello Guys, Looks like I'm not the first with this issue, and wanted to know what is going on. I found one article online with someone else having this issue: no answers to how to fix it. I have a i7-4970k 4.0ghz 8gb RAM 770 GTX 358.50 driver update Windows 10 Home Edition I'm sure you already know, with this setup I can pretty much play all the games I want on high. But with this game I am getting a random stutter, and have no idea what it is. I noticed when I am loading objects on my screen is when it happens. If I'm standing still it will run just fine. While in game, it looks like my memory usage was at 6gb, so I dont think that was the issue. I am from the US.