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  1. Bump. Selling for 50g each, cheaper than HMS. Got 2 left.
  2. I'm at 20 re-rolls now. I wasted over 5,000 gold on this RNG system - gathered across several months of daily income and farming. Still no ultimate pet. Honestly, RNG wants to make people want to quit the game. 2 end-game items are being gated by RNG: Legendary Necklace and Legendary Pet. Another item, the Legendary Ring, is going to be gated again by RNG in the next content patch. There needs to be way to handle this better. Low rate RNG progress system is dumb and punishing. Just out of curiosity, anyone here re-rolled over 20 times and finally got an ultimate pet?
  3. Won from placing first place in 1v1 tournament. Also selling Spirit of Bamboo Familiar (For Cat). Please add Hongie#2311 on Discord if interested.
  4. Many of the Summoners were actually arena hacking bots from the 'hacking season' if anyone remembered those days. I recall a lot of those names. I guess NCSoft just removed them from the 1v1 ladder ranking instead of banning them.
  5. Please add Hongie#2311 on Discord or PM me on the forums for details.
  6. Hi, I'm Hongie from Mushin. Gold will be given first. http://bns-fashion.com/spirit-of-bamboo-familiar/ Please PM me for price or add me on Discord: Hongie#2311 NA only.
  7. I personally became very inactive in the arena nowadays because of the following reasons: 1. Lots of sins at high elo play time-out build. Super boring non-stop 3 minute matches. 2. Very long queue times at high elo. Not worth waiting in queue for 5 - 10 minutes to just get a time-out sin. The play-style and toxic attitude of Sins honestly ruined arena for me and is the reason why I don't queue as much anymore.
  8. bump! looking for late night games from 7pm-1am PDT! Need more people for upcoming 24 man raids.
  9. Sold Hi, I'm Hongie from Mushin. I'm a trusted seller, trusted buyer, one of the top FMs, and overall a well known player, PvPer, and a tournament participant. Gold will be given first. http://bns-fashion.com/spirit-of-bamboo-familiar/ Please add me on Discord Hongie#2311 or PM me on the forums with possibly a way to contact you to get latest C/O and B/O. NA servers only.
  10. Arena is very inactive. I get to play around 1-3 matches a week at 2000+ rating in NA. I'm impatient though. I stop queueing after 5-10 minutes. If I sit in the queue longer, I'm sure I can get more matches, but it's very likely going to be the same person for multiple matches until they stop queueing. I unfortunately don't have the time to queue 5-10 mins. Props to the dedicated PvPers who can sit in queue for 20mins+.
  11. Fixes a bug where you can queue up your ground counter as you fall down from the air, it'll still allow you to activate ground counter despite a perfectly timed stun. E.g, 1. KFM slams a BD and he flies up in the air. 2. BD lands and KFM stuns with Z or V (either or). The BD is now stunned, you can see visual effect / animation showing the BD stunned. 3. KFM continues to combo, but gets ground countered. <--- Not supposed to happen. Works for every ground counter class and is also very game changing, especially vs. Assassins. We literally have to wait 1
  12. I hope everyone realizes that inflation is happening. Everyone, especially the top players, are getting rich as days go by. I've been gear capped for awhile now, minus level 5 soul. I play around 4 hours a day and make 200-300g a day just doing dailies and a few farm runs. Not really entirely sure what to even do with my gold at this point other than throw it at that useless soul upgrade. Note that I... 1. Had 50-60k HMCoin stocked up at level 45 patch. I was capped on gears pretty early, so I had nothing to spend gold on. Ratio was like 1:90 back then. 2. Now I
  13. Me and 2 others got Gem from the Merchant which spawned at Heaven's Mandate on Saturday.
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