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  1. Signature packs too expensive.

    The Duelist Bundle is more for the players that didn't buy founders and need the EXP food/keys as well as premium. You can buy the 30 days of premium for 959 NCoin in the shop if you'd rather just have premium and don't need the extra items. The total discount from the Duelist Bundle is 1229 NCoin if you were to actually need all of the items included.
  2. gift

    By clicking details and pressing the "send as Gift" button.
  3. Is your character over level 16? Was your girlfriend's character over level 16?
  4. Still waiting server transfer

    So you're saying you're here to nitpick?
  5. Still waiting server transfer

    You've misunderstood, he's talking about the manual transfers they are offering for players than were on Mushin but want to switch.
  6. I can also confirm either a very low drop rate or it not actually existing in the drop tables. I've ran at least 30-40 times last week and 3-4 times today before I saw everyone waiting at the front of the dungeon.
  7. On the reset skills page within the Martial Tome, the functions of the "Current Training Sessions" and the "All" button are switched. The "All" button resets the current page and the "Current Training Sessions" button resets the entire Martial Tome.
  8. Pvp arena bug, maybe?

    I am assuming they adopted the new arena system where you don't see your opponent's name. That word does need some explanation though. It's Bonami.
  9. The Qing Gong quest "Brush up on Ching Gong" which raises your total stamina by 50% refers to the Crimson Legion as the Chaotic Legion and the Cerulean Order as the Martial Alliance respectively.
  10. Reset Skills Button Doesn't Work

    It seems to reset the page instead of all of the points.