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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Having fun with angles ft. my lovely gon FM :)
  2. Show off your characters!!

    These Horns match this outfit so well <3
  3. Show off your characters!!

    This Kitsune outfit gives me life! And it looks lovely on my Gon FM <3 (I say Gon since everyone thinks I'm Jin race, but Jin can't be FM lul) =v= The last 2 sitting pics might slightly look lower quality since i had to crop the background a bit to make it look a bit more zoomed in :) That little tiny smile your character gives when it looks at the camera c: (the little things) I'm a very smol Gon btw ^_^ let's just say im shorter than the avg size Jin female on character creation lmao
  4. Show off your characters!!

    More Screenshots of my lovely Gon ForceMaster <3
  5. [Tomb of the Exiles] Spider Fang Horns

    @Grimhorn Yes it is, but the drop rate is really low :( i remember running this dungeon when game launched in 2016 and i did like 200+ runs for it, but then again RNG could be RNG u just have to be lucky o:
  6. Show off your characters!!

    More of my FM in the New Saberfang outfit c:
  7. Show off your characters!!

    So happy the dye/customize system is out for outfits :D now i can dye the outfits i really like my fav color <3
  8. New Outfit Dye System

    @Princess Piggietails I believe in the latest live stream it was stated that there are only a certain number of select outfits that can be customized but over time more outfits will have customization added to them, so yeah they are adding more customization options for more of the outfits we have in our showroom, as of right now i think about a good handful of outfits can be altered
  9. Show off your characters!!

    One of my Favorite outfits of Blade & Soul ^_^ <3 (Screenshots were taken straight from game, no edits)
  10. Laptop for bns

    @iWinged I say go with what Godenyo said, GTX 1060 is much better than the 1050Ti the 1050Ti is good dont get me wrong, but 1060 is just noticeably better :) but they both should run bns smoothly np, i have a laptop with a 1060 i got for christmas and i was using a laptop with a gtx 870 and the 870 i used ran bns pretty smoothly, open world fighting mobs and what not with some ppl on the map, was getting from 50-70fps crowded areas was around 35-50fps, empty areas was 60-85fps and that was on my gtx 870, on my 1060 i would get 90-120fp empty areas, crowded areas, 45-65fps, open world with mobs and a few ppl, 50-90fps , but yeah any option you choose is fine, depending on what your budget is c: also if u do make ur choice, and u still happen to get poor FPS in game, just let me know and ill tell u what settinngs you should use in game and the settings you should set in your Nvidia control panel ^_^
  11. Show off your characters!!

    More of my Gon FM (Ft. Poh!) ^_^ Finally got the Bullet Time set, and i love this outfit so much c:
  12. The dream is real ^_^

    Was away for 1 week come back to the game do my 1st CS and i win the 1k
  13. The dream is real ^_^

    @Kozuki In total id say i opened about 12 chests before i got 1k
  14. Show off your characters!!

    More of my FM, i think i took these screenshots back during beta or sometimes the first week of launch, don't really remember haha
  15. Show off your characters!!

    Another new Hairstyle for my Gon Forcemaster ^_^
  16. Show off your characters!!

    One of the new swimsuits for 2017! it matches my FM's hair and eyes perfectly <3
  17. Show off your characters!!

    My FM ft. POH ^_^ I got lucky and got most of my poh’s with rng and one of them for free and i made the ULTIMATE POH! *lols* >:D and i also got the lions mane hair today o:
  18. Yunsang sing the blues Quest

    Sadly Yes :c unless u get lucky with RNG like i did and get it on your first few clears o:
  19. Show off your characters!!

    Decided to do an appearance change and go shorter hair and gold eyes instead of the old purple ones I had, In love with the change ^_^
  20. Good RNG does exist?

    Has anyone ever got the sealed forging orb from the weapon upgrade chest yet? cause i just got one, wanted to know what is the % chance of getting one of these o:
  21. Good RNG does exist?

    TY for the replies, i see that the orbs arent very common then haha, might nto see another one for awhile o:
  22. Show off your characters!!

    More of my FM c: (I know there is a thread very similar to this but i wonder which one seems to be more active)
  23. Show off your characters!!

    More of my FM c:
  24. Show off your characters!!

    Finally got these ears :D
  25. That's great to hear! a lot of players, including myself are looking forward to there release ^_^