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  1. Dragon killing event

    And, we killed it twice, first Channel 1, then Channel 4, right after each other, and still no real organization.
  2. Dragon killing event

    We in Cerulean Order have a completely different way of doing things: Absolutely no organization at all, just a bunch of people wailing on it until it dies. It's currently at 75%
  3. Dragon killing event

    Any plans for a Cerulean Order attempt?
  4. Guide: Errors, installing, game-crash, delay

    I do have a significant objection to the suggestion of killing "svchost.exe", as that is a terrible idea. Each instance of it runs various background services, many crucial to Windows operating correctly. Stopping and restarting the specific service in question is reasonable however, because it allows it to gracefully shut down. Killing one of these instances can easily cause system instability, and potentially even corruption of data. Simply restarting the computer is a far better idea.
  5. Also, this isn't really that unusual, prices are generally rounded based on the specific currency. If you look at games on Steam for instance, a game that costs $20 most likely costs 20€ if you decide to pay that way. The difference is simply a result of appearances, and, although conversion between currencies can be a cost, it's worth noting that many large companies have money in many different currencies. In all likelyhood, the 20€ you pay Valve for that game on Steam is not going to be converted into USD unless it's needed to pay for something specifically in USD. Simply put: Prices usually are rounded for whatever currency you are purchasing something in.
  6. Can we get a dislike option in the forum

    I don't believe this is as easy as you're thinking. Other versions of this particular forum software did have a reputation system, which would allow what you're wanting, but I don't know if that's even still supported, nor do I know how hard it is to switch the current system out with it. In my opinion the like button isn't even needed, but oh well.
  7. Game won't launch.WinLicense?

    This is probably GameGuard not liking the fact that WinLicense (which, in my opinion is WAY too intrusive for a license system) does some fun things that GameGuard doesn't like. My guess would be that GameGuard is attempting to add a hook somewhere, likely in order to prevent hacks from adding their own hooks, but WinLicense may be preventing those hooks from being put in place. Basically my guess is that they aren't likely to get along very nice with each other due simply to the nature of the two pieces of software. Unless it's possible to temporarily disable the kernel part of WinLicense (not likely), or else if WinLicense is updated to only effect the software it's actually protecting, rather than the entire system (which it actually has to do in order to do what it is intended to do), then I don't see GameGuard and WinLicense getting along very well. It's possible that there's a simple workaround, but my moderately informed guess would claim they may never get along without a lot of work on the part of both pieces of software.
  8. Probably a case of this: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/138676-installing-the-game-and-microsoft-visual-c/
  9. Alpha Report (not final)

    Warlock items removed or warlock added for the full release?
  10. Launcher fails to repair

    In otherwords, there was a *very* good reason the launcher couldn't repair it :P
  11. Disappearing players

    You likely hit Ctrl+F and toggled the visibility of players.
  12. Making in game money.

    Most enemies do drop copper, and have a chance of dropping other things as well. There is also a significant ramp up in how much copper drops when you get to higher levels. At level 34, I get 10-15 copper per enemy.
  13. whisper to others display error

    It may say that, but `To NAME:` still makes perfect sense at the start, and is consistent with every other type of message.
  14. A true fullscreen wouldn't effect performance, as the graphics drivers treat borderless fullscreen as true fullscreen if nothing is ontop of the window, and if that window covers the entire screen.
  15. Stuck On Corpse, Camera Problem, and GPU Temp

    To deal with the temperature, I'd suggest changing the max FPS setting.