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  1. A Umbrella Class?

    I have noticed either a split on the idea, or a idea for a fan class, which I think is pretty cool, also, I do acknowledge that they might also make it for the Jin (which would give it 6 classes -.-) which I can see happening.
  2. A Umbrella Class?

    Here is a idea I have for a new class, it'll be a class that uses a umbrella, as a weapon. I'll this first, I think it should be a Yun only class. Now let me explain, it's because of 2 or 3 reasons. the 1st one is, the Yun has no classes that makes it special, the Jin have Assassin, the Gon has Destroyer, and the Lyn have 2, Summoner and Blade Dancer. and the Yun has classes that all that other races have, the blade master, kung-fu master, force master, and now soul fighter (which I did make, but that's not the point.) So, I feel that the Yun should have it's very own class to stand out, aside it being female only. 2nd is that it only can make sense, They are both elegant and beautiful, so why not. 3rd is that it could be (it depends on how the combat works with the class they decide) a melee/ranged class. They could either use the umbrella or a sword in the umbrella for melee, and for ranged, it could also be like a gun. So please comment on what you think :3 (and yes, I do understand that maybe they don't want gender-locked classes -.-)
  3. How do I install the alapha?

    I have been trying to install the alapha and everytimr I have it would fail. It would fail and it would say I don't have permissoin to and that the device, path, or file might why. Can anyone know why and could help me with this?
  4. I have been trying multible times trying to install the alpaha. But it alwalys ALWALYS say "windows cannot run on this device, path, or file." Does anyone know how to solve this and please tell me how.