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  1. Snake dancer class

  2. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    Momo the wise
  3. Showgirl for males

    Will we ever get showgirl for males? :3 It has been released in the Bns TW server a few years ago. Considering we got heart surgeon, I look forward to the eventual release ^_^
  4. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    I am fascinated with all the Lyn hate from NA players. Especially when they say they want the devs to prevent their release. LOL. They want to build a wall. Do they hate animal mixed humans? To me, Lyn are just chibis. Big head, small body, big eyes. Aka. Neoteny. They really are just an appeal to Asians liking cute things. They're just designed to look like chibis. But ppl do get creative an make quite an impressive variety of looks.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Ur kfm looks amazing!
  6. lvl 56 and 57 bosses , why do they exist

    WE HAVE A WINNER! It may seem strange but I liked that blade and soul is an mmo that uses mechanics because it allows players to defeat challenges with cooperation and skill. Having over powered gear is always easier in any game. But in blade and soul it is not the ONLY way. Within reasonable limits anyone can beat a boss. Within those reasonable limits, it's down to the players' ability to work together efficiently. Gear is a paid solution to avoid working through frustrations with other people. Which ultimately leads to the gap between f2p and p2w in that the real limit is not money but effectiveness as a group of players. Then there's the, p2w question but....meh.
  7. Show off your characters!!

  8. Found on reddit, there's some little freebie event for players who have accounts made before today. Supposedly you get exp charms and a recolor of the cowboy outfit. Just have a question, because it says the requirements are that the account must be made before the 6th of this month and be in good standing. Does this standing refer to this forum account? I'm not sure if my account is not I good standing because I do have a strike for sassing someone a while back. But technically it says that I have no holds applied on my account. So looking for clarification. Anyone else having a problem accessing the event registration page? I get an empty blade and soul page.
  9. [Suggestion]Gunner for Plog

    Huh, I think you do gave a point. I'm not really a fan of playing animal characters, the lyn are like just enough to be cute for me. They're basically anime chibi's with animal ears Google says it's called kemonomimi). But character customization on those races would be pretty cool. The lycandi would be pretty hot too
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Dang she looks like a boss! Nice design
  11. Nebula stone event was a scam, thank you!!!

    I benefited so much from this. <3 Also, I agree that it's pretty common place for all the cost reductions. We know for a fact reductions will happen but I never really know when. But some players have some hunches about when reductions will spring up. They feel ripped off when those reductions happen after there was some event or patch that enticed people to upgrade immediately. It's like buying in the real world. You can buy something right when it comes out or you can wait until that item goes on sale.
  12. Miko outfit

    That is so awesome. I'm jealous xD
  13. Merry Potter Removal Compensation, thank you!

    Whether or not they play the game, they have little control over what gets removed or add in patches that are directly from the original mother server. Or we could not have patches to keep things the way they were. Although maybe there is a way to skip the changes to the crafting system. For more info on the new crafting system regarding your inquiries, you should look into reddit or maybe the dojo since players from the asian servers already have the new crafting system.