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  1. PR and Community Management: @Sarumonin (Master Sarumonin) Clan Leader: @SpacexRex Officer Position: [Forum Names (Character Names)]: PVP Officer: Lipton PVE Officer: Nekochan Morale Officer: List Keeper Moral Officer: Moogle Website: Link to our Charter/Rules: What is PVX? An inclusive reference to both PvE and PvP. We do both PVE and PVP. What is Semi-Hardcore? Though we are not essentially 100% Hardcore, we are a Progressive Division in which we want to make sure our Clan(s) are leveled up enough to get everyone in one clan and reap the benefits. We are 100% laid-back and have a casual outlook, however when it comes to PVP, PVE or Raiding we have a 50% Hardcore outlook. I have applied, now what? We will be getting people that apply on the website to get on our Teamspeak Server so they understand what they are applying for. There are some Behind-The-Scenes goals that we do not publicly post, which we will discuss over Teamspeak. What more can you tell me about Eterna in the Blade and Soul Community? We're glad you asked. We are very happy with our accomplishments and achievements that we have gained through our experience in the North American release of Blade and Soul. With our Veterans help from other Regions, support from the Blade and Soul Management Team and more we have been able to dominate in a lot of aspects of the game. Here are some of the achievements that we have accomplished since release: - North American First Clan to reach Rank 15 (Max) - Server First recipe for Moonwater Transformation Stones & Silverfrost Transformation Stones - First Clan to clear Frostscale Basin (24-man) when it released - First Clan to efficiently create a stable tax in order to upgrade ranking and dominate Infernal Battleground We won't lie to you. We introduced our Clan Tax extremely early in game in order to achieve our Rank 15, as it provides an amazing bonus for Infernal Battlegrounds. Sadly the Blade and Soul community did not understand this at that point and we were accused of "extorting" our members. We were the very first clan to introduce taxes and after achieving Rank 14 we immediately stopped our taxes. Ironically at this point in time, other clans started to follow our footsteps and would create taxes that would benefit their amazing efforts in-game. Start on April 6, 2016 we will be beginning a new chapter in our life. A more hardcore outlook within the game alongside some contextual events that will rise morale. We intend to dominate the upcoming PVE content with Server Firsts and intend on gearing up all of our members. As mentioned before we do require our members to use Teamspeak actively when playing the game as multiple announcements are given throughout the day. Who is Eterna and what are we looking for in our community? Eterna is recruiting players of all levels to join it's ranks. We have been on various games, as we are a premier multi-gaming community. We're not only a guild, we're a family. We treat each and every member the same and not like a number. We're currently looking to join the amazing game of Blade and Soul, and look for members while we do so. Our passage in gaming started in 2013. We have been recruiting for many games and have dominated the playing field in every game we step into! We have our own dedicated and privately hosted Teamspeak 3 server, a website and more! We ask that if you're wanting to join Eterna, to sign up on our site so we can organize events and in-game progress as soon as humanly possible! We can't wait to see you and we wish you the best of luck in the gaming world! A little more information on Eterna Gaming™: Eterna Gaming™ was started as a small guild, that eventually became a family and into a community. We are a guild/community trying to enhance the gaming experience of the players by creating the best virtual environment possible! With your help, we can make our community #1 by spreading the name of Eterna in games. Our purpose is to make the best out of your stay in gaming and leave you with the best gaming experience. Why should you pick Eterna Gaming™? We host players with years of experience in various MMO's, some dating as far back as the first Everquest and Ultima Online. These players are all friendly and willing to help their members in whatever game they choose as we are not only limited to one game. Eterna Gaming™ is not just a guild in a game. Its a family. We play together, watch anime and TV together. Movie nights with members. We host various beta key give-aways and events for founders packs and the sort in various games to give back to our community. We offer partnerships with various organizations to make your game time a more enjoyable experience. We offer a solid gaming opportunity for any member that is interested. Objective in Blade and Soul: To become the strongest guild in the game. Simply. A guild of the best; a force to be reckoned with. We have a strong community, very tight-knit as is and we're looking for more members to join our ranks in order to strengthen our bond. We are constantly running 4 man dungeons and focusing on End-game content, including gearing up for open world PvP. Our motto for Blade and Soul is: "We Live Together, We Bleed Together, We Die Together." Together we can accomplish anything. Want to join our Blade and Soul Division? Simply head on over to:
  2. Thread has been updated! :)
  3. We are still recruiting and looking for friendly faces!
  4. Just finished my 100 runs for the 7 AP. I am *cricket*ing exhausted. Time for me to go to bed... Tomorrow, I'll be updated the Original Post with new HM requirements and AP requirements.
  5. Hi there, so I'm here presenting an idea that would benefit all people in the game playing the market or just wanting to know what the price in average/lowest price on Marketplace is. Below I've photoshopped what I think would look great with any item: As you can see it would state the Marketplace Value, which would be the lowest price set for it or the average and that way no one in Cross Server or in a dungeon would have to press F5 just to see the price of an item. I hope it's taken into consideration! Thanks :)
  6. An Idea For Blade And Soul & NCSoft West

    Perhaps you are right... however I think it would be handy to have nonetheless. Just an idea of course.
  7. I'm at 50 runs for Yeti ;-; tomorrow I shall run another 25 ;-;-;-;-;-;
  8. The thread has been updated. Welcome to all the new members, and congratulations to our last week's winners. We have been excessively running 4 man in order to make sure our members get geared up, rich and well to be honest, get their hongmoon skills all nice and sexy. We will be offering our Hongmoon Pellets to the Faction as soon as our members that need it get it :)
  9. We are still actively recruiting! Looking for a good Rank 15 clan that will help you through End-game content? Join us!
  10. Wow infernal battlegrounds was fantastic! I'm hoping we don't lose our rewards. We are getting prepared for GVG and with our rank 15 which means our immunity rank! Play with us today and help us take down Cerulean.
  11. This is getting a little childish. Lets act a little bit more like adults and stop your nonsense on our recruitment thread. Please and thank you ^-^
  12. Congratulations everyone. We are recruiting levels 50 HM 5+ now. Lots of applicants and lots of amazing people in the clan! Quite happy. Apply today via:
  14. Listen, I understand you "1 Game Guilds" feel super hardcore and entitled on the silliest competencies in which you believe you are the "Best". Hey that is your Role-play? Go for it. Wrong server, but kudos for you! :D By the way.. for a Rank 14 Clan oh sorry hahaha I mean 15, sorry how could I possibly forget - we never see you in Misty. Ever. Hmm. Anyways good luck on your gaming adventures and your silly little mini-war. xD We'll see you in Soulstone Plains! Congrats to Frail Tragedy, at least they have decent members.. unlike this "Elite" clan ;)
  15. No worries in less than 12 hours we'll be Rank 15 :) Like most clans that know how this system works ^_^
  16. Lol No actually you are Rank 14. Please. And I realize you just accept random people with AP, GJ :D We actually have a legitimate screening process. Learn to get a little better <3 Grats Frail Tragedy :)
  17. The realest clan in NA! So hyped for tomorrow's new expansion! Rank 15, we're ready to upgrade baby! This Friday, we update our requirements! Love our brothers in arms: Soaring Dragons, Spades, Unicorn & Decimation!
  18. Please do not spread any false information. You are not Rank 15. We have an alt in your clan that has confirmed you are Rank 14, as we are in Eterna. You cannot reach Rank 15. We know because we were the very first clan to reach Rank 14 in North America and have the supplies for Rank 15. Next time try telling the truth before spreading lies. I will be posting the same on another Clan's thread that has decided to spread the false information of being "Rank 15". Thanks. P.S: The System does not allow you to go into Rank 15 until 50 patch. :)
  19. Happy to announce that due to new content coming soon™ we will be updating our requirements to HM 4 starting next week. Lots of amazing members have joined our ranks; we have changed our goals for a more end-game oriented gameplay. Blackwyrm daily, Naryu 4 and 6 Man Lab every day, BSH 4 Man for skill books. We are constantly trying to improve our A Game for 50 patch! :) Come join us and have fun with a like-minded group of individuals! :D
  20. New recruitment requirements have been added: - Level 45 HM 3+ Only - KFM, DESTROYER and/or SUMMONER Only! (Assassin may be accepted depending on its progress.) - Teamspeak 100% required - Able to invest 8+ hours in game a day. Our application process has been updated as well. We run Naryu Labyrinth 6 and 4 Man daily. 6 man for the soul and soulshield. 4 man for the 3 attack power. Our goal is end game 100%. If you are interested then put in an application via:
  21. Come and join the only Rank 14 Clan on this server. We refuse to have any drama in the community as it will place grounds for dismissal. We are happy to have a drama-free zone with no insecurities. We have tons of events with our brothers and sisters in Crimson Legion. Karaoke, Blackwyrm, Wars, et. We have more events coming soon with some awesome prizes! If you are actively seeking a Crimson Legion Loyal clan, and active playing this amazing game then come join us! All we ask is that you be levels 40+, Social, Active and join us for some amazing teamwork in raids, dungeons, events and open world!
  22. We are recruiting actively once again! We are looking for members that are in the PST/CST/EST Timezones. Active Players. Must be social and be willing to learn. Level 40+ Only. Apply via: or contact in-game for a clan invitation. Applications will be for a permanent place in clan, however you are welcome to test the clan out.
  23. Rise With Us, Crimson Legion!

    Eterna Gaming is offering all our Crimson Legion Faction mates here in Poharan a 25% Discount on their gear upgrade. What do you mean? Rank 6: Equipment upgrade cost reduced by 5% (Excludes Breakthrough/Evolve, and some items.) Rank 9: Equipment upgrade cost reduced by an additional 10% (Excludes Breakthrough/Evolve, and some items.) Rank 14: Equipment upgrade cost reduced by an additional 10% Equipment Breakthrough and Evolve cost reduced by 5% How do I get in on this craziness? Simple. Let an Officer or Master Sarumonin know in-game. Your entrance fee will be 10 Soulstone for 10 minutes (Minimum) - Payment beforehand. We believe the 10 minutes should be more than enough time to upgrade your gear with our discount. The time is because of how many interested people we have on board with this. We want to make sure we provide a good discount for everyone, since we are the only Rank 14/Level 14 clan in Poharan on both sides. Might as well use it to the Faction's advantage. Why 10 Soulstone? This may change over time, but it is what we need, especially with some future content that we will need. Alternatively you are welcome to pay 3 gold instead. We accept both forms of payment. This should be free! You are more than welcome to not enjoy our service. You can create your own clan, upgrade until Rank 14 and do it yourself. Technically this shouldn't be free at all. Technically this is something we don't even have to do. But we want our Faction to become strong and mighty! Will the price change? No information on this yet as the service is brand new. Call it Supply and Demand. Depending on the Demand we may or may not, as it is a lot of our time to log this information. However for the foreseeable future, the price will stay the same.
  24. We are officially recruiting again! Come join us if you want to progress nicely in your gaming adventures inside Blade And Soul. We are looking for highly active, social, friendly people who love to game! Send in an application at: And we will get to you right away. Be wary though, keep an eye on your email because we ask our applicants to visit our Teamspeak beforehand in order to better understand the person behind the screen! :) <3
  25. Rise With Us, Crimson Legion!

    We are hoping this offer will help our Faction gear up and fight back properly against the cerulean zerg scum.