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  1. Can't launch game, computer crashes.

    im running windows 8.1 and i cant launch the game it just gives me the crash report screen ive tried everything and everything is i know of is up to date, i haven't been able to participate in alpha due to this.
  2. oh and this is a feeling i have but i feel like it has something to do with the launcher because when i have task manager open after getting the crash box it says i gave 10 versions of the client running and the Ncsoft update thing pops back up it hides whilst it runs the game also i don't like the fact they use game guard ive played games in the past with it and its horrible alot of issues ive seen in the past stem from it but i feel like this one comes from Ncsofts updater that the game runs through no idea why companies like doing this sort of thing.
  3. same im jealous too i was looking forward to playing it after work but i got home to it just crashing on me 24/7 if it doesnt work after the clean install im just pinning all my hopes on the ticket i sent and hopefully they'll be able to help me fix it. I played the PlayBnS version and i had no problems on that i know it was an outdated version but it ran with no problems at all.
  4. ive repaired the client a few times but no other result i will try a clean install now to see if theres any difference guess we have to wait for the admins to give us a answer ive sent a ticket as well to hopefully i get a response soon.
  5. Heya cheers for replying ive tried that im afraid it doesnt do any good :( it still gives me that crash screen
  6. Side Quest: Say No to the Dress

    not sure if its the same as the PlayBnS version but on there it dropped from the Big mob in that corner its part of the loot try resetting the dungeon if it doesnt work just dont take the quest its not important and you get nothing from it really.
  7. Heya guys i was wondering if anyone could help me ive got the alpha of BnS installed full updated and everything. But heres the thing i cant actually even got onto the loading screen after i launch the game it does the loading for the game guard and loads the art but than gives me a crash report screen and ive tried everything but nothings working so could anyone shed some light onto how i go about fixing this. cheers (link to what i get below) https://gyazo.com/90ef93b615069110161ccfddb4dead9a