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  1. THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL Alpha Test 1! ♥

    This was a hell of a polished Alpha! I didn't encounter any glaring bugs or issues while playing (There was on issue getting the game to work, but after that, flawless!). The servers were really smooth, and everything felt great! Thank you guys for not forgetting about this incredible game. I'm so excited to keep playing once we launch into the full thing. Thanks NC Soft!!!
  2. I'm not sure if this relates, but maybe you could try this and see if it helps? https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/138044-bsodblack-screensystem-reboot/
  3. BSOD/Black Screen/System Reboot

    No problem! I'm glad I could help! :D
  4. B&S Ported to PS4?

    I know this would be a long ways away since we're still trying to kick off the PC version, but I remeber ages ago there was talks of porting it to PS3 at the time. So now that we're a number of years later, is there plans to eventually bring this game to PS4? I know I for one would play it even more religiously if that were in the cards. Plus PS4 is seriously lacking on the MMO front and you guys could potentially blow the competition out of the water! Anyone else for a PS4 or Console port?
  5. Cursor is not window locked

    Something I've found that fixes it is if you alt-tab out, and then alt tab back in it seems to lock it to the game. Give tat a try and see if it works for you as well :)
  6. Thought I should start a topic on this since it seems to be a common issue right now. The NC Soft Launcher is causing BSOD or Black Screens with a system reboot that follows. Note that this is based on a Windows 10 64bit Machine. A lot of people have speculated that it's your anti-virus software. This is not true in my case. What I did to fix it is after I've installed the full Blade and Soul Client, I uninstalled just the NCSoft launcher, and then redownloaded it from here: http://launcher.patcher.ncsoft.com/NC-Launcher/NC-LauncherSetup.exe and once I tried Blade and Soul again everything worked as it should! Hopefully this helps some of you guys out. I think there's some sort of issue with the NC Soft launcher packaged with the Alpha Client.